If you engaged in an accident with a truck driver in Los Angeles, CA who neglected to remain at the scene of the crash, there are a number of things you should do that will not only aid police in identifying the driver but also help your insurer when it comes time to file a claim. Nationwide shares some the steps you should take after being involved in a hit and run accident which we are outlining for you below.


  1. Gather as much information as possible. Although a collision involving a truck can be rather traumatic experience for a person to go through, it is important that you try and stay as focused as possible so that you are able to gather some, if not all, of the information highlighted below:
  • The license plate number of the truck.
  • The make and model of the truck.
  • The color of the truck.
  • The company in which the truck is being operated under.
  • The time and location of the accident.
  • Contact information of any witnesses who saw the crash.
  • The direction in which the truck was traveling.
  • You will also want to take pictures of the accident scene, the damage that was done to your vehicle, and any injuries you may have sustained.
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It is essential that you provide the responding officer with all of the information you have gathered to increase the likelihood of them identifying who the driver was.

  1. Call 911 to report the incident. It is important that you call the police immediately following the crash so that an officer can come out, assess the scene, and write up a report. Nationwide recommends that you provide them with the following information when you first place your call:


  • Names of the witnesses and their contact information.
  • The direction the driver was heading in.
  • The exact location where the accident occurred.


After the officer arrives at the scene, they may ask you some questions regarding the incident and this might also be a good time to provide them with the information you initially gathered following the wreck.


  1. Contact your insurance company. After the accident has occurred, you may want to consider contacting your insurer to report it. This way, an agent can begin filing your claim and depending on the type of policy you have, help you get your vehicle towed and you into a rental car until your vehicle is operable again. Now, if the officer who responded to the wreck was able to identify the driver who engaged in the hit and run accident, you may also want to contact their insurer as well as their policy may cover some, if not all, of the damage that has been done. In the event the truck was being operated by a driver who is employed by a company, you will want that company’s insurance information as well.


Now, as you can see, there may be multiple parties involved in your case so before accepting any amount from any of the insurer’s mentioned above, it is best you consult with a Los Angeles, CA truck accident lawyer first. They will help you sort through the uncertainties and decide which company is best to file your claim through and whether or not you should accept a settlement that may have been offered. It is important to understand that once you agree to a settlement and accept the money, you cannot pursue the insurer for any more money.

Therefore, to be sure you are properly compensated for all of your injuries as well as any unexpected expenses that you had to pay out of pocket, contact USAttorneys.com and let us find you a local truck crash lawyer in the Los Angeles, CA area who is qualified to help you.