Because of the sheer volume of packages that Amazon needs to ship around the country, truck drivers who work for this company routinely cause property damage and injuries. Mistakes often happen while they are making multiple stops and deliveries and logging numerous miles on the roads every day. Many people have been hurt because of Amazon, while they are bringing in record profits off selling items to the same people they are injuring.

One incident in New Jersey resulted in a home owner sustaining thousands of dollars worth of property damage due to a delivery driver, and Amazon attempted to direct the victim to an inadequate insurance process.

Surveillance catches Amazon driver leaving his truck rolling down the street

A camera caught all of the mistakes by an Amazon delivery driver in Freehold Township. The video starts with a normal delivery of a package to a front door and the driver taking a picture to prove the package arrived at its destination. As he turns back towards the truck, the driver notices that it is rolling away. The vehicle continues forward until it crashes into and destroys a fence nearby. The homeowner says that the fence costs $3,000 to fix. He was also concerned that there were children on bicycles in the area who could have been hurt. Amazon told the man to contact an outside insurance company who handles their claims, but he received no response from them at all as of the time the story was reported.

Amazon’s tricks to avoid liability

It is obvious from the news story above that Amazon has no intention of taking claims of property damage against its drivers seriously. Their insurance claims process turns into a dead end for most claimants. This is why it is crucial to retain the services of a lawyer and file a lawsuit against them to be paid for damages caused by their drivers. Otherwise, they may just try to ignore the victims of their driver’s careless actions or make up reasons why they should not have to pay even if they are clearly responsible. It is common for insurance companies to fabricate reasons to not have to pay out claims against the companies they insure for dubious reasons in order to save money.

The process for bringing a civil case

When preparing a civil lawsuit, an attorney will file an initial complaint that summarizes exactly what happened, the amount of property damage, and why Amazon is responsible for the damages. Keep in mind that when Amazon truck drivers are working and engaged in their normal job duties such as delivery, Amazon is liable for their actions. This can include motor vehicle accidents, property damage, and other mistakes that cost citizens money.

Many newer businesses such as Amazon will try to argue that their workers are not actually employees but only independent contractors, so they should not be held responsible. A lawyer can help you get past these arguments.

Speak with an attorney in your area

There are numerous lawyers around the country who will help you get paid after an Amazon driver has caused damage to your property or personal injuries. Listings of lawyers who specialize in delivery truck accidents in your area are available to help you start the process.