If you are involved in a truck accident such as the one that closed I-94 in Pewaukee, contact an attorney to assist you in filing a claim for damages.

Post-accident actions.

Secondary crashes were a result of an accident that occurred near Pewaukee, after a semi-tractor trailer overturned onto the median wall at Pewaukee Road, closing down one side of the highway and two lanes on the other.  After the misfortune of colliding with a tractor trailer, it is wise to calmly assess the situation for life-threatening conditions.  If it is possible, move vehicles out of traffic or signal drivers to move around them.  Once the assessment is made that there is nothing life-threatening, you should:

  1. Check on the condition of the people involved in the accident;
  2. Call the police or emergency responders if needed;
  3. Get a written accident report;
  4. Remain at the accident scene;
  5. Exchange driver and insurance information;
  6. Get witness contact information;
  7. Call your insurance company to set up a claim;
  8. Seek out medical treatment when necessary;
  9. Take pictures of the scene, and the vehicle damages;
  10. If the truck is a commercial vehicle, get State Trooper report;
  11. Do not make any statements regarding fault or liability at the scene or when making a complaint;
  12. Call an accident attorney to determine any actions toward a legal proceeding to address damages and injuries sustained.

Insurance requirements.

The State of Wisconsin and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have specific insurance requirements for semis.  If you are a “for-hire” carrier you must file proof of liability insurance with Wisconsin Department of Transportation in order to obtain vehicle registration and trip permits.

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It is important to know the insurance laws that will support a claim for compensation to cover expenses and injuries from a truck accident.

Fault state.

Wisconsin is an at-fault state, meaning drivers face financial liability after an accident if it is determined they are to blame. All Wisconsin drivers are required to carry insurance with at least the minimum of $25,000 in liability for bodily injury and death of one person; $50,000 for bodily injury and death total; and $10,000 liability for property damage.  If you are involved in an accident where the at fault driver is uninsured or does not have enough insurance to cover the cost of your injuries, your own insurance may be able to help.

The pros in an “at-fault” insurance state is: 1) reckless drivers are held accountable for their actions, and 2) prevention of insurance premiums increasing when drivers are involved in accidents where they are not to blame.  The cons of an “at-fault” insurance state is: 1) the amount of time spent determining liability after an accident may delay settlement and funding necessary for certain treatments in personal injury and car replacement, and 2) compensation for damages and injuries may be limited if the other driver is under-insured or not insured at all.  In Wisconsin accident victims can file a claim with their own insurance company and he injured party’s insurance may file a subrogation claim; a third party claim can be filed with the at fault driver’s company directly; or a personal injury legal claim will need to be filed for compensation of damages and injuries against the at fault driver

Hire an attorney.

Hiring a legal profession at the Gende Law Offices to assist with the burden of collecting and analyzing the data to support a determination of fault is very important in Wisconsin, especially if the at fault party is under-insured or not insured at all.  Damages may include hospital/medical expenses; funeral expenses, past and future permanent disability payments; emotional distress including depression and anxiety; loss of enjoyment of life; physical pain and suffering; and loss of love and companionship due to a death or serious injury caused by a truck accident. Call to schedule a consultation.


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