In order to win a legal case, it is necessary for a person to take certain steps after an accident, and it is also necessary for them to avoid making some mistakes which could complicate their case later on down the road.

One of the biggest mistakes a truck driver can make after getting into an accident is failing to stop and get out of their vehicle. If a driver performs a hit-and-run, then they can be faced with serious penalties and even be charged with a crime. Individuals should never leave the scene of the accident until police officers have arrived and investigated the accident. The only case in which it would be okay to leave the site before calling law enforcement would be if there was absolutely no damage or no injuries because the accident was so minor.

However, even in such a situation, it is always best for a person to take precautionary measures and stay at the scene until everything is properly investigated and resolved, especially when there is a vehicle as large as a truck involved in the accident.

What else should be avoided?

Other actions a person should avoid doing after a truck accident includes:

  • Yelling and screaming at the other drivers involved in the accident
  • Giving away too much information to police officers and other drivers
  • Failing to call the police and ambulance if required
  • Failing to contact a qualified attorney shortly after the accident
  • Admitting fault
  • Speaking to the insurance company without a legal representative
  • Trying to file a lawsuit without assistance
  • Failing to take the advice of medical practitioners regarding their injuries
  • Failing to distance oneself from the site of the accident if there is a fire or any other dangerous scenario imminent
  • Completely refusing to respond to police officers
  • Filing a legal claim before collecting all of the facts of the case and before having the accident scene investigated properly

It is vital that a person communicates with a truck accident attorney in Portsmouth, VA as soon as they are able to. The reason why it’s risky to go forward without a lawyer is due to the fact that insurance companies will most definitely offer lower offers to a person and if that person is not familiar with the complex policies and legalities of truck accident cases, they will most likely end up accepting that lower offer.

A lawyer can also help a person deal with the complicated legal claims which accompany truck accident lawsuits. A driver already has so much to deal with when they get hit on the road. They have to look after their personal injuries and they also have to sort out work arrangements and ride arrangements until their vehicle is up and running again. The last thing anyone needs to go through in such a situation is the legal process. An attorney can take care of all the paperwork from collecting pieces of evidence to arranging the court trial.