One of the reasons why truckers need to undergo extensive training prior to getting behind the wheel of a semi or other type of large truck is not only so that they know how to operate the vehicle but also so that they are aware of how to handle unexpected situations that might arise. For instance, a truck driver needs to be aware of the steps they must take in the event one or more of their tires blows out while riding on the highway.

You see, when a truck’s tire blows out, the vehicle will begin to pull in the direction of the side of the vehicle where the tire blew out. So, if the front right tire were to go out, the vehicle would begin to shift toward the right. While most inexperienced and untrained truck drivers would assume that it is best to react to this situation by hitting their brakes and steering the vehicle in the opposite direction, neither of the two are the right steps to take.

According to, here’s what you would want to in order to maintain control of your truck in the event one of its tires blows out:


  1. You will want to gently step on the accelerator. When a tire blows out, a “new force begins acting on the rig” which then results in the vehicle traveling in a different direction. Now, because you don’t want your vehicle to pull off to the side and potentially into oncoming traffic or off the road completely, you need to apply your own force by pressing the accelerator and maintaining control of the steering wheel in order to direct the vehicle in the direction you want it to go.


  1. Once you regain control of the truck, you would then look for a safe place to pull off the road and begin to slow down and maneuver the vehicle in that direction so that you are able to tend to the defective tire.


What are some causes of tire blowouts on trucks?


Some of the more common causes of tire blowouts on trucks include:

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Because trucks are used so often and are required to transport heavy materials or cargo, it is important that the air pressure is checked regularly to ensure there is enough it is to keep the vehicle up and moving.

  1. Low air pressure or too much air pressure. Every tire on every vehicle needs to maintain a certain air pressure so that it can operate effectively and doesn’t get too low to where it cannot function or too full to where there is too much pressure inside. However, when a truck driver or the individual who is responsible for inspecting the vehicle neglects to check the air pressure or either puts too much or too little air in it and the vehicle is loaded with cargo, it can potentially cause the tire to blow.


  1. Puncture in the tire. If the tire is defective and has a puncture in it, yet the driver is unaware, as time goes on the hole will gradually get bigger until the tire pops. Sometimes, a rough or rugged roadway can lead to the puncture worsening which eventually leads to the tire blowing out.


  1. Debris in the roadway. Sometimes, small pieces of material fall into the road off of other vehicles and become lodged in a tire. This can lead to the tire blowing out immediately or after some time has passed.


  1. Poorly maintained truck. Trucks that are used on a daily basis must be inspected regularly and checked for any defects. Unfortunately, many companies, despite what federal rules and regulations say, will allow their vehicles to continue to be used to transport goods even when they aren’t safe. And the more wear and tear that is put on those tires, the increased chance of one of them blowing out.


What is the first thing I should do after engaging in a collision caused by a tire blowout in Maryland?


The first thing you would want to do is seek medical attention right away. Although you might be feeling okay or even a little sore, the fact is, some injuries don’t show up until later on. And if you decide to put off being evaluated by a health care physician, you could increase the chances of your underlying injury to worsen. Now, after you have tended to your physical needs, the next thing you will want to do is contact a Rockville, MD truck accident lawyer. The reason being is that these cases tend to get rather complex and you want to be sure there is no delay in getting you the compensation you need for any injury you suffered.

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