When a driver loses control of their truck, they create serious hazards that can include property damage, fires, bodily injury, and even death. Fortunately, victims do have a number of potential remedies through civil lawsuits that help pay for repairs and medical treatment.

A truck that crashed into a shopping center in New Orleans caused extensive property damage and a fire.

Truck crashes into cellphone store and causes a serious fire

The New Orleans Fire Department responded to a 2 alarm fire that started when a truck crashed into a storefront for a Laundromat and cellphone retailer. The shopping center was also connected to a gas station, which increased the potential danger in the area from the fire.

The fire department employees who first arrived on the scene at about 8:30 am found a truck partially inside of the Metro PCS retail storefront on South Carrollton Ave. This store and the Laundromat next to it were already heavily covered in smoke and fire. Rescue crews on the scene worked quickly to keep the fire contained to these two stores and make sure no one was trapped inside. The Magnolia Discount Gas Station nearby posed a significant hazard if the fire was to spread.

By the end of the incident, the two stores closest to where the truck collided were almost completely hollowed out from the damage and a nearby clothing store also received a minimal amount of property damage. The fire did not spread any further and no one in the stores was reported injured. There was no information about the specific cause of the accident or how the truck ended up crashing into the complex.

What to do next?

The first thing many business owners would look to do after sustaining this kind of damage is to file an insurance claim. However, the coverage for similar accidents can vary greatly based on the specific policy and type of losses indicated in the language of the relevant documentation. In other words, this may not always be a good way to get money for repairs. The best thing to do is to speak to a lawyer who specializes in accidents about how to proceed in order to receive the most compensation.

Lawsuits against negligent drivers

Reckless drivers can always be sued by victims for the property damage and injuries they cause in civil lawsuits. A personal injury attorney can argue for damages related to costs of repairs, any medical treatment that was required, and the lost earnings of the business. In cases involving significant property damage or serious injuries these amounts become quite large.

To learn more about how the specifics of Louisiana’s negligence laws and and other facts surrounding the accident may affect your case, it is always best to get personal advice from a lawyer in your city.

Get help from an attorney near you

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