Yuma, AZ – People who operate commercial vehicles are held to a certain standard of care on the roads, just like any other driver. If they cause an accident, they may experience consequences related to paying for the victim’s injuries or higher insurance costs. These costs tend to be exceptionally high for drivers who operate large semi trucks or transport hazardous materials. Because of this potential for damage and losses, the government has attempted to regulate commercial driving through licensing requirements and other means. 

Commercial driver’s license requirements in Arizona

All states have the authority to issue a commercial driver’s license, called a CDL, to anyone who meets certain requirements. Drivers must be at least eighteen to operate a commercial vehicle within the state, and they cannot take jobs that involve interstate driving, transporting people, or hazardous materials until they turn twenty one. The driver also cannot have an active suspension or license revocation in any state to apply for their CDL. 

The state will only issue licenses to those who can prove both residency in Arizona and United States citizenship. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration also requires a standard medical examination for anyone who applies for a CDL. Drivers who are eligible must pass written tests and driving skills tests relevant to commercial vehicles. The state recommends that the driver take the road skills test in the exact type of vehicle that they will use for business in order to avoid restrictions.  

What kinds of vehicles require a CDL?

Anyone who is running a business or about to start driving for commercial purposes should check with the state government before working. Any vehicles that transport hazardous materials or at least sixteen people require a CDL. Larger vehicles that are above a certain weight limit also require the CDL certification. The licenses have classes marked A through D depending on the specific dimensions of the vehicle and any attached trailers.  

Lawsuits after a collision

Even with all of these regulations in place, accidents involving large semi trucks or other types of commercial vehicles happen regularly in Arizona. If the vehicles involved sustain serious damage and the people inside are hurt, these expenses can become very large. Insurance policies tend to only cover certain aspects of an accident, so legal help may be necessary. The victim can force the driver responsible to pay for various kinds of losses associated with the incident.

Help after an incident involving a commercial driver

Schneider and Onofry is a firm that works with local clients who have sustained injuries in the Yuma area. Their attorneys are available to discuss civil lawsuits against truck drivers or anyone else responsible for an accident. 

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