Iowa City, IATrucking is regulated by both state and local governments to try to prevent accidents. Drivers need a special license and credentials, they must obey rules related to the total number of hours they can work, and vehicles used for commercial purposes must meet special requirements. However, collisions still happen, and sometimes these accidents result in fatalities. The family of the victim has the option of bringing a wrongful death case against the company responsible for the accident. The amount of compensation available will be contingent on several different facts about the victim and crash.  

When truckers cause accidents

Regulations can only do so much, and truck drivers still get involved in accidents on a daily basis. Victims can attach the parent company that owns the vehicle and hired the driver to the lawsuit. This is because the company is liable for the actions of the driver. The trucking business is also more likely to be able to pay out large amounts of damages through special insurance or other means. 

Civil cases related to truck accidents will argue that the driver breached their standard duty of care on the roads through certain behaviors such as traffic violations. The company may have also been negligent for hiring a driver with a problematic record. All of these actions may be used as evidence against the business and their drivers. 

Iowa’s wrongful death law

There are statutes in each state that provide a special set of rules for when a family member is killed through the negligence or reckless behavior of another party. These are civil laws, and the case can be brought whether there are related criminal charges or not. A spouse or child who was financially dependent on the victim will bring the case on their behalf, and say that their losses need to be compensated. This often includes the person’s future income and wages, the costs of their funeral and burial services, final medical treatment, and any trauma or emotional pain caused by the incident. Such amounts can grow large quickly if the victim had high earning potential or was very young. 

Time limits on wrongful death cases tend to be short. It is important for the family to contact an attorney and file the case as soon as possible if they want to preserve their right to sue. 

Contacting a local firm about fatal truck collisions

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices handles various kinds of legal issues related to accident and injury cases in the state of Iowa. The firm offers consultations to anyone who is interested in learning more about lawsuits and compensation.

Firm contact info:

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices 

1921 51st Street NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402-2400  


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