According to the AAA Foundation, 20% of fatal accidents which occur in the U.S happen because a driver was not properly licensed to drive their vehicle, to begin with. Driving without the proper license is not just illegal in San Francisco, but it is extremely dangerous as well and can cost a person serious injuries, or worse.

A person is violating the law if they are driving without a license and also if they are operating a vehicle without the correct license. Having the right license is even more important when a person is driving a larger vehicle such as a truck. In order to legally drive a truck individuals often need their regular licenses along with an extralegal truck permit.

What is an extralegal truck permit?

An extralegal truck permit is basically a permit given to drivers who drive vehicles which are considered to be outside the legal size dimensions determined by the California Vehicle Code (CVC). According to the CVC, a legal vehicle should have the following characteristics:

  • Up to 8.5 feet wide
  • Up to 65 feet long
  • Up to 14 feet high
  • Up to 34,000 lbs in weight (on any axle)

If a person’s vehicle exceeds these limits then they will require an extralegal truck permit in order to drive their truck around and they will also have to follow the ruling of not having their vehicle on the road during peak traffic hours. If these rules are violated they can be fined for up to $1000.

Before deciding to purchase such a large vehicle, a driver should make sure they read up on all the legalities and rules regarding when and how they are allowed to drive these vehicles on the road.

How do I get my extralegal truck permit?

In order to be legible for an extralegal truck permit, a person has to file an application and make sure they fulfill all of the requirements as well.

Some basic requirements to qualify for the permit include:

  • Having the appropriate license to drive such a large vehicle
  • Having proper insurance for one’s vehicle
  • Having a proper skidding board installed on the vehicle
  • Fulfilling all of the requirements of the CALTRANS Transportation Permit
  • Agreeing to pay for all damages made to the streets of San Francisco by the vehicle

If a person wants to keep themselves and other drivers on the road as safe as possible they should make sure they are properly licensed and that they have the proper permits to be driving their vehicle around. If they fail to follow the rules they can be penalized through fines or even having their license taken away.

What do I do if I get into an accident with my truck?

Truck accidents can lead to a lot of damages and can, therefore, be very expensive. After a person gets into a truck accident they should get in touch with a truck accident lawyer in order to plan out their next steps. A lawyer can help a person make appropriate insurance claims in order to cover the damages they suffered.