What makes trucking such a dangerous profession in Atlanta?

Atlanta, GA – Driving commercial vehicles and semi trucks is a fairly dangerous profession, and it is considered one of the most dangerous jobs a person can take in the United States. Accidents are a regular occurrence, and trucks can be much harder to control and maintain than standard cars. There is also the possibility that a trucking crash can cause much more significant damage than other kinds of motor vehicle accidents. Aside from these problems, there is always the possibility of financial loss as well. Atlanta accident lawyers can potentially sue a driver and their employer for causing a crash. A few specific problems have been identified that lead to the dangers associated with trucking.  

Long hours

While drivers are limited in the total number of hours they can drive each day, truckers still spend many more hours behind the wheel each day than most other drivers. Federal transportation regulations limit driving time to eleven hours each day, and it is common for commercial drivers to work close to this amount of hours in their workday. When a person is on the road for this long, it is much more likely that they will get fatigued or distracted and make a mistake that can cause a crash. Long hours alone are also a reason that some drivers will develop substance abuse problems. 

The need to make adjustments to behavior

Truckers may face things like inclement weather, poor road conditions, dangerous turns and curves, and high volumes of traffic that all require quick adjustments. Driver errors such as going too fast at these times, not turning properly, or braking improperly can all quickly turn into an accident. Atlanta truck accident lawyers may take note of failures to adjust for road conditions, and use this as evidence of negligence during a truck crash case. When the driver is clearly at fault because of these kinds of mistakes, they will have to pay the victims through their employer’s insurance.  

Vehicle maintenance

The parts of a truck will receive much more wear and tear than standard car parts when a driver is on the roads for hundreds of miles each day. The trucking company should have some kind of maintenance protocols in place for their fleet of vehicles, and drivers should also regularly check their tires and other parts that are likely to experience breakdown. An unnoticed problem such as a flat tire or worn brakes can quickly result in an accident if the driver does not remain vigilant at all times.   

Additional info about truck accidents in Atlanta

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