Tractor-trailer accidents are one of the worst types of accidents a person can witness. Tractor-trailers are also known as semi-trucks. The reason why they often lead to such catastrophic collisions is because of their extreme weight and size.

An average semi-truck is almost 9 feet wide, 53 feet long and more than 13 feet high. Such a massive automobile is obviously a lot more difficult to maneuver than an average car and that is why truckers are required to undergo the appropriate training and to get the proper licensing before they can get hired for a job transporting cargo in their large vehicles.

The cargo in and of itself is another reason which can make tractor-trailers so dangerous as well. Sometimes, trucks carry dangerous items which are either toxic to the environment or they are dangerous due to their nature, such as explosives. If trucks containing such dangerous substances get into an accident then the results can be catastrophic. The resulting accident would obviously be much worse than if two ordinary vehicles collided with each other.

Accidents involving tractor-trailers also often lead to greater road blockages. The greater the road blockage, the more chances that other drivers will get pulled into the accident as well. This is why tractor-trailer accidents generally involve more than one other vehicle.

Who should I contact if I get hit by a tractor-trailer?

If a person was involved in a tractor-trailer accident they should contact a legal professional who specializes in dealing with truck accident cases. Naturally, with so many parties involved and so many possible individuals who can be legally taken to account, it is in a person’s best interest to have a truck accident attorney in Kalamazoo on their side to help them make important decisions and wade through the legal rulings of litigating against the relevant parties.

The good news is that the evidence for truck accidents is generally easy to collect and readily available. A person just needs to know who to consult in order to get access to traffic cameras and where to go in order to collect the relevant witness testimonies and paperwork which can be used as valid evidence in their case. Victims of a truck accident are generally also entitled to more compensation because of the greater amount of insurance a trucker is required to carry.

Should I call my insurance company right after an accident?

Drivers often panic and make the mistake of calling their insurance company before consulting with a legal professional. If an insurance company is aware that a person is working on their own behalf and not through an attorney they are more than likely to give an initial offer which is much lower than what the driver is actually entitled to.

As long as a person does not sign the agreement they still have time to hire a lawyer who can go ahead and communicate with their insurance company so they increase the amount of compensation they are willing to give.