Maneuvering a truck on the road requires a certain skill set and specific licenses in order for it to be done legally. The reason why there are more specific rules and more training required for becoming a truck driver is because of how the sheer size of a truck makes it that much more difficult to drive around. The risk of a truck accident is also to be taken more seriously because the damage that is caused by crashes of such a large magnitude generally result in more fatal injuries and more damage to the other cars involved as well.

Most of the laws regarding truck driving regulations are made by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and also the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Apart from these major federal agencies, each state generally has its own rules regarding truck driving as well.

What are the truck driving laws in Florida?

In Florida, there are certain requirements each truck driver is expected to fulfill in order for them to be considered legal drivers.

  • They must have commercial licenses
  • They must follow the rules of adequate rest
  • They must follow the rules of weight limitation on their cargo
  • They must follow the quality control regulations for their vehicles
  • They must follow the rules of transporting hazardous waste

If a truck driver gets into an accident and it is found that any of the above factors were not followed correctly, then the truck driver can be held liable for the accident. It is absolutely vital that a driver has the appropriate license for the vehicle they are operating and the license generally has to be state-specific as well.

It is also important they follow the hours of service rules which mandate how long they are allowed to drive without rest. They must further ensure they are transporting cargo within the appropriate weight limit and if they are carrying hazardous waste they need to follow the rules put forth by the Office of Hazardous Material Safety (OHMS) which regulates safety precautions that need to be taken while transporting the hazardous waste.

If I did not maintain my truck properly, can I be held liable?

If it is found that a person did not have their truck checked up regularly for quality control and this ultimately lead to an accident then they may very well be held liable in court. In some cases, it is the truck driver’s responsibility to ensure their truck is in good enough condition to drive on the road. Other times, such as when a truck driver is operating someone else’s truck, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the vehicle is maintained.

A truck accident attorney in Boca Raton, Florida can help a truck driver determine who was really at fault and also help the driver pursue the correct legal avenues so that they do not take a huge financial blow after the accident.