When truck drivers lose control, property damage usually occurs on a large scale.

A Ford truck drove onto the lawn of a homeowner in White Plains New York and barely missed a collision with the main structure of the house.

Truck driver causes damage in residential area

The incident occurred at a property with a large lawn and yard area on Soundview Ave on a Sunday night. Thankfully, the home was unoccupied at the time of the crash and no one was nearby at the intersection of Soundview Ave and Prescott Ave. The truck made it all the way up to a set of trees right against the house before coming to a complete stop.

The only damage reported seems to be some broken trees and other items around the yard of the house. No injuries to people in the area were found.

The local police and fire departments for White Plains responded, but they were unable to determine a cause of the accident. Many neighbors in the area expressed concern about vehicles speeding through the area and other recent collisions. They also said that children often play right in the area where this truck crash happened.

Paying for property damage caused by truck drivers

Truck drivers or the companies they work for can definitely be held responsible for any property damage they cause. Many property owners are not as lucky as the one in this story, who avoided any any significant damage to the structure of their home. The sheer size and force of trucks traveling on the roads makes them a dangerous object for any vehicles, structures, or people that they come into contact with.

The process for getting in touch with the right lawyers

Most lawyers who handle truck accidents specialize in personal injury and tort law. This is the area of the civil law that holds defendants responsible for intentional acts, negligent acts, or reckless behavior that causes injuries to people and damage to property. Most automobile accidents are followed by negligence cases which claim that the careless driving of one or more of the people involved in the accident caused problems for the victim.

New York’s negligence laws

The state of New York uses the most versatile negligence standard called comparative negligence. This allows fault to be divided between all parties involved in an accident to equal one hundred percent. When one person’s fault is factored into the final damage total, the amount they can receive will be reduced accordingly based on their level of fault. New York’s laws allow fault to be divided in any way between all drivers involved. However, there are also some specifics that require drivers to file insurance claims first after accidents that are less severe. A conversation with an attorney who specializes in automobile accidents in the state can clear up these issues and provide you with the right information.

Speak with a local attorney about a recent accident

For more information about truck accidents, contact Lasoben Law. Their attorneys can provide expert guidance related to your specific injuries or property damage.