Whether a truck driver was speeding, or they fell asleep behind the wheel, any accident that occurs with these large-scale vehicles results in profoundly serious damages to everyone involved, no matter how it occurred. Due to the size of these commercial vehicles, the truck driver often does not face as much harm as the drivers who were operating the smaller vehicles.

Both the trucking company and the truck driver are supposed to take it on their shoulders to ensure they are following the law as best as possible. There are awfully specific rules set out for these commercial businesses because of the massive amount of damage they cause when a collision does occur. Rules have been put in place to protect everyone on the road and to ascertain truckers are behaving as safely as possible.

One of the basic laws that trucking companies must abide by is the regulations regarding the quality of their equipment and the hours of service for truckers. These rules are put forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and if truckers fail to maintain their equipment or they drive more hours than they are allowed to, they can face profoundly serious legal consequences for the risk they took.

Another rule that truckers must follow is they must be properly insured to protect anyone who gets hurt in a collision with them. Naturally, since truck accidents do so much damage, truck drivers are expected to carry a lot more insurance than ordinary drivers as well.

Legal steps after a truck accident in Scranton, PA

If a truck driver is caught violating any of the above-mentioned laws they can get in serious trouble, but if they get into an accident due to breaking these rules, their liability significantly increases. Anyone who gets hurt in a truck collision should speak with a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to launch an investigation to determine liability.

A person should refrain from accepting any of the immediate offers of settlement given to them before they speak to a lawyer. Trucking companies know the risk they have when they get into an accident, so they always have a network put in place to prevent themselves from having to pay significant amounts of compensation to all those that were harmed in the accident. To avoid getting taken advantage of, a person must connect with an attorney to help them with the legal process that will inevitably follow.

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