After an accident where a truck driver and their employer are at fault, there are a number of different factors that will affect how much a victim can collect from a lawsuit. A truck accident lawyer will be able to give an estimate of the potential value of your claim after a brief conversation.

A truck caused damage to other vehicles and significant delays when it went off of the road and blocked the westbound traffic lanes on Interstate 287.

Trailer blocks Interstate 287 and causes an accident

Early on a Monday morning, the incident occurred near the Westchester Avenue Overpass and Exit 7 in White Plains. An investigation at the scene did not reveal an exact cause of the accident, but it seems that the front cab of the truck veered off into the grass where it remained after the accident, while the trailer laid on the road and blocked the oncoming traffic. The only collision that occurred after that truck driver lost control appeared to be between one other car and his trailer.

Two people in the area were transported to a Westchester area hospital with minor injuries, but it is unknown if any additional injuries occurred as a result of the accident. Traffic was delayed for approximately two to three hours in the area.

How does the process of assigning an amount of money to the accident work?

It is likely that the injured parties either missed work or experienced other losses tied to the crash. These losses are usually related to some kind of health problems or emergency medical treatment that was required due to injuries.

When an attorney argues for their client to receive money after an accident, this amount reflects what the victim had to spend on treatment or the money that they could have earned from working if the accident had never happened. The term to describe these amounts is called damages. This is essentially a calculation related to the losses incurred due to the fault of the defendant driver.

What are damages?

In the civil law, damages are divided into categories of economic and non-economic losses during an injury lawsuit. Economic damages will always include things such as medical bills, hospitalization, missed time from work, continued treatment for injuries after the incident, and future lost wages. Non-economic damages will include things like emotional pain and suffering and psychological trauma tied to the accident. An evaluation from a medical professional can often be used as evidence of these mental or psychological problems.

Like every other state, New York has its own specific laws regarding how damages are calculated based on the level of fault of each party involved in the accident and their behavior that led to the problem. However, an attorney can provide more specific information to you in simple terms based on your personal situation.

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