When accidents happen which involve trucks and the businesses who own them, it is common for lawyers, insurance companies, and others to be involved. However, there are a few very different types of cases that can result from one crash depending on the situation.

A tractor trailer was involved in an accident on Interstate 30 as it was entering Little Rock, Arkansas.

Truck crashes and hangs off of interstate bridge

As local news crews arrived, pictures of the scene showed part of the truck hanging off of the bridge that goes over Interstate 440. There was also another trailer in the area that went on fire and created lots of clouding from smoke. Police and fire departments responded to mile marker 138 to determine the cause of the accident and tend to any possible injuries. All traffic near the scene was moving slowly in both directions. The specific details of the situation leading to the collision were still unknown.

Insurance to cover losses related to trucking

After an accident such as this, it is possible that there will be multiple lawsuits and insurance companies may be involved.

Businesses that are involved in high risk activities like transportation often pay for additional insurance policies. This can help cover significant losses related to accidents. However, these business may still require their own attorneys to deal with their insurance companies, as they tend to try to find reasons to not pay policy holders or create other issues.

Injuries to truckers and employees

The truckers themselves may also need legal assistance if they are injured and file their own workers compensation claims related to missed time from work. There are lawyers who specialize in these situations and they make sure their clients are treated fairly by their employers and do not experience retaliation when exercising their rights.

Negligence cases

The most common legal situation after a truck accident is when the victim attempts to sue the person at fault for the accident. These are standard negligence cases that are very common in personal injury law practice.

As a general rule, negligence cases simply say that one person was not careful enough and caused injuries to the victim. The civil law allows a person who was harmed to ask for an amount of money to pay for things like medical bills and lost wages related to their injuries. Depending on the severity of the accident and how much a person’s life and future is affected, negligence cases can be worth anywhere from a very small amount to millions of dollars.

Other possibilities

Every lawsuit is different, so it is important to discuss the specifics of your situation with an attorney. Keep in mind that everything from the potential value of your case and chances of winning are unknown until you have a consultation with a lawyer in your area. This crucial first step will provide you with lots of important information regarding a lawsuit against the person or business responsible.

Get help from a local attorney in Little Rock

If you need help after any kind of trucking accident in central Arkansas, assistance is available. Experienced lawyers who routinely bring lawsuits after a crash can provide more information.