Greenacres, FL – All drivers need to carry some kind of relevant insurance policy. In Florida and other states, there are insurance requirements that are specific to the trucking industry and other types of commercial driving. These requirements are set by the federal government due to the fact that it is common for trucks and other commercial vehicles to move between state lines when they are engaged in commerce. Anyone who has been involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle should get legal help to begin the process to receive compensation for their injuries

Factors that can affect commercial policies

Most businesses that own fleets of vehicles and employ several drivers will need an insurance policy that provides sufficient coverage in case of an accident. The exact policy and its cost can vary based on factors such as how many vehicles are in the fleet, the size of the vehicles, the driving history of their employees, distance driven in a typical year, along with special concerns such as the transportation of hazardous materials. 

Types of damage that need to be covered

Almost all vehicles in the fleet will need some kind of protection in the event of property damage, along with liability for injuries to others for up to one million dollars, and workers compensation coverage in case the driver is hurt. Most companies that own fleets of vehicles will also decide that they want protection in the event of an incident involving an underinsured or uninsured driver. Drivers that remain within Florida will need somewhere between fifty thousand and three hundred thousand dollars worth of liability coverage depending on vehicle size. 

Insuring shipments and cargo

Trucking companies may choose to pay for separate insurance to cover their cargo and deliveries. However, this is not required by law and is generally done for the purposes of assisting in their relations with other businesses who may have concerns about safety and the possibility of losses. Certain types of hazardous materials may require additional coverage when they are part of the driver’s cargo, and the company will need to acquire a special permit. 

When a truck driver is sued

It is possible that a driver and their employer will face a lawsuit if they are responsible for an accident. Because trucking accidents tend to be much more costly than standard motor vehicle accidents, the insurance provider will likely end up having to pay a fairly large sum to any victims for costs such as vehicle repairs and property damage. Most claims are concluded through a settlement agreement. 

Assistance from a local truck accident attorney

Smith and Vanture is an experienced accident firm that assists people in Greenacres and other parts of Florida. Their attorneys are available to meet with local clients and provide advice and guidance throughout the course of a lawsuit. 

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