Baton Rouge, LA – When a collision happens that involves a commercial truck, there are various procedures to collect evidence and investigate the accident. This evidence and information is a crucial part of later settlement negotiations or a trial. The plaintiff’s chances of winning can vary heavily based on what is discovered during the investigation and the quality of evidence available. 

Information available after the collision

Most normal accident investigations and reports contain some basic observations from police and witnesses on the scene about what happened in the seconds leading up to the crash. However, commercial vehicles are subject to other requirements and additional information is collected and maintained.

The National Transportation Safety Board is a federal agency that collects information and does an independent investigation after many serious truck and commercial vehicle collisions. The information contained in their final reports can be crucial, even if it is not available until several months after the accident. 

The driver of the vehicle must meet certain qualifications such as obtaining and their commercial driver’s license and following important regulations and guidelines for working hours, breaks, and the condition of their vehicle. The driver’s employer is supposed to maintain a separate qualification file for each driver that contains information about these credentials and various other pieces of information related to their test results, medical history, and background. In some trials, these documents related to the driver’s background and past can be crucial to prove negligence by the company that owns the vehicle and hired the driver. 

The truck itself is also supposed to have a special device that produces electronic logs related to the vehicle’s functions and any issues that arise. The electronic log device may have crucial information about what actually caused the driver to crash. 

How long does this process take?

As a general rule, collecting all of this information, completing investigations, and the discovery process between both sides of the case will take several months at minimum. However, it is common for truck accident lawsuits to take a few years to conclude from the time of initial filing, to a completed settlement or jury trial. Anyone who has recently been involved in a collision should contact their lawyer for more specific information about the timeline related to their case, along with steps they need to complete such as medical examinations to prove their injuries and damages. 

Injury attorneys in Louisiana

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