What is the purpose of a commercial driver’s license for truckers in Port Allen?

Port Allen, LA Drivers of trucks and other kinds of commercial vehicles need an additional driver’s license aside from the standard license. This is essentially meant to show that the driver has special skills, education, and experience that will make them eligible to operate a commercial vehicle such as a semi truck, bus, or fuel tanker. If a truck driver is trained properly and follows all of the rules of the road, they are less likely to cause an accident and produce a combination of injuries and financial liabilities. However, it is still possible that a driver with the proper credentials will cause a crash and their employer can be sued. 

Commercial vehicles and licensing 

A federal law called the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act changed the requirements for commercial vehicle driving in the 1980s. Each state had a fairly uniform set of conditions that must be met for a person to legally operate a commercial vehicle after this law.  This was partially done for safety reasons, as drivers who have the required skills and knowledge of commercial vehicles and relevant regulations should be able to avoid accidents in many situations. A government interest exists in making the roads safer, as commercial vehicle accidents tend to be more devastating than other kinds of motor vehicle crashes. This is because very large amounts of property damage, environmental hazards, serious injuries, and fatalities are all possible 

Classes of licenses

Commercial driver’s licenses are divided into categories based on a number of different factors. This can include the size and purpose of the vehicle, whether there are passengers being transported, or if hazardous materials will be the cargo. Each commercial driver may need to check things such as the vehicle’s weight and their employer’s needs to see what specific class will apply to their vehicle.  

How to get the commercial license

The general requirements for a CDL include having a standard driver’s license, passing an exam with questions about rules and regulations for commercial driving, and a road test that is taken on the same type of vehicle that the person will be driving for their job. 

Lawsuits against trucking companies

Trucking companies are usually sued if their driver causes a crash while they are on the roads. One of the important issues related to the driver’s negligence may be if they had the proper credentials such as a valid CDL at the time of the crash

Advice from a truck accident attorney in Louisiana

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that helps people with their truck accident lawsuits in the Port Allen area. They can provide advice about bringing a case and receiving the maximum amount of compensation available for injuries. 

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