Businesses routinely need to engage in transactions that require trucks to transport all kinds of materials to job sites or homes throughout the day.

Some odd news related to trucking came out of Kennewick Washington, as a truck crash left an entire street covered in white paint.

Truck spills paint all over an intersection

A business pickup truck that was in the process of traveling to a painting job was struck by a Subaru vehicle at the intersection of Olympia Street and 10th Ave in Kennewick.

Pictures of the scene show splatters of white paint large enough to cover almost the entire street. There was concern from local officials that the area had just been newly paved and finished a short time earlier. At the time the story was reported by the local news, only one person was believed to be injured in the area. The driver of one of the vehicles involved in the crash needed to be transported to Trios Southridge Hospital. The cleanup of the area took approximately two hours before the roads could operate normally again.

The services of a lawyer

Most lawyers who handle personal injury cases and automobile accidents will also have experience suing those who cause truck accidents. These cases tend to involve more property damage or severe injuries to the people affected due to the sheer size and weight of the trucks. Your lawyer can make sure you receive the most compensation allowed by law for things like property damage, medical bills, and missed time from work. They can also argue for non-economic damages related to long term trauma or emotional pain caused by the accident.

Trucks owned by businesses

Many trucks are for business purposes or commercial purposes rather than recreational use. When these vehicles get into accidents, it is usually the owner of the company and employer of the driver who will bear the burden of the lawsuit. This is because of a tort law doctrine called respondeat superior which makes employers liable for the actions of their employees while they are engaged in their normal job duties. Plaintiffs are helped by this doctrine because a business will usually have insurance coverage or other ways to pay out larger sums of money related to vehicle accidents than an individual driver. This means that a victim is more likely to receive adequate compensation for their injuries after a trucking accident by suing the parent company.

What is the value of a truck accident lawsuit?

This is highly dependent on things like the severity of the injuries to the victim and the behavior of the driver that led to the accident. If someone is hurt badly or the driver was engaged in reckless behavior on the roads, expect the amounts paid out to be larger than for a minor accident with no foul play.

Get in touch with a truck accident attorney in your city

For more information about filing a lawsuit related to a truck accident in the Kennewick area, contact Roberts Jones Attorneys at Law. They will provide all the information and assistance you need to take legal action after a motor vehicle crash.