Out of all the possible traffic situations, a person can get themselves into, getting into a truck accident is one of the most dangerous and generally also leads to the most accumulated expenses. If a person’s car gets hit by a truck then there are high chances that the driver of the smaller vehicle will face physical injuries and also risk severe damage to their vehicle.

Due to the huge size of most trucks, they often cause a lot more harm to smaller vehicles then other cars would have had they been involved in the accident. Getting hit by a truck can often lead to the death of the driver or other passengers inside as well.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the percentage of deaths caused by trucks and commercial vehicles has risen by 9% in recent years. If a person has lost a family member due to a truck accident they should get in touch with a wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible to claim financial compensation for their suffering.

Naturally, when a person is in the position of being hit suddenly while on the road, they have the tendency to panic. However, the best thing to do for a driver when they feel the impact of the accident is to try and get their vehicle under control. After the accident occurs they should get out of the car as soon as possible and help the passengers get out as well.

The frightening factor regarding truck accidents is that the truck could easily be carrying oil, explosives, or just generally flammable items. If the impact was severe, a small fire could result in a serious explosion. It is vital that all individuals involved in the crash get away from the accident site as soon as possible.

Do I need to call anyone after the accident?

If the accident was serious, there were injuries involved, there was a blockage on the road, or there was fire or an explosion, then it is absolutely necessary for a person to call the police, the fire brigade, and an ambulance.

If a person suffered a head injury they should not take it lightly, and even if they feel fine and there is no sign of bleeding, they should inform the ambulance and get checked up immediately in order to ensure they did not receive a serious blow. When it comes to health issues it is vital that a person does not wait before getting checked up. Waiting can cause an underlying health problem to get much worse in just a matter of hours, and the lost time can even lead to irreversible damage.

If there were no physical injuries and the scene of the accident is still safe to stand by, a person should take pictures of the scene and contact a truck accident lawyer in Overland Park, KS immediately following the crash. A truck accident lawyer will inform a person of the necessary steps they should now follow in order to ensure a smooth legal proceeding in the near future.