Commercial vehicles are often classified differently from trucks. The reason why it is important to distinguish the difference between the two is because the laws regarding trucks and commercial vehicles can often be very different. If a truck driver or commercial vehicle driver gets into an accident or finds themselves in some sort of a legal situation, the only way they can win their case is if they are familiar with the rules which have been put forth for their particular category of automobile.

A vehicle has to satisfy the following requirements in order to be qualified as a truck:

  • If it contains three axels or more than three axles
  • If it contains six tires and two tires
  • If it was designed for the transportation of property

Any vehicle which fulfills the above points is considered a truck and will have to put into practice all of the New York trucking laws and regulations.

In order for a vehicle to be considered a commercial vehicle, it has to follow these rules:

  • It has a commercial license plate
  • It has been changed permanently by having all seating in the back removed in order to transport goods
  • The company’s address, name, and contact information is clearly visible on the side of the vehicle

If the above conditions apply to an automobile, it comes under the category of a commercial vehicle and all the traffic rules and legal regulations which pertain to commercial vehicles will have to be followed by the driver.

If my truck or commercial vehicle gets into an accident, who do I call?

Trucks and commercial vehicles are generally always much larger than regular size cars, this can lead them to create more serious accidents which result in intense physical injuries and momentous property damage. Since the damages are usually so large in magnitude, it is vital that a person gets in touch with a truck accident lawyer in order to sort out the legalities.

A lawyer will guide a person through all the required steps in order to file their case and they can even help a person communicate with their insurance company with the correct legal references in order give them the compensation they need to cover the costs of the accident.

Government bodies have put forth many laws for drivers who operate larger vehicles because of the high risk of an accident which they pose. Drivers need to ensure they are as cautious as they can possibly be and they have to take it on their own shoulders to ensure every rule which applies to them and their automobile is being meticulously followed. If they fail to follow the rules on purpose or through lack of knowledge, they can always rely on an attorney to help them get through the legalities without having to suffer unnecessary financial loss due to their negligence.