An unfortunate reality of long distance trucking is that many drivers will attempt to speed on highways or large open roads in order to make their deliveries more quickly. This often results in crashes that can turn deadly.

A severe truck collision resulted in one death in West Miami-Dade County on Krome Ave.

Two trucks crash on Krome Ave and one passenger dies

Two semi trailers were traveling on Krome Ave near the Eighth Street intersection when the collision occurred. The Florida Highway Patrol believes that one of the trucks was making the left turn from Eighth onto Krome when the other t-boned the vehicle due to its high rate of speed. The truck traveling straight collided with the front of the container that the turning truck was hauling, and went through the entire structure. A woman in one of the trucks died shortly after the accident and another man needed to be airlifted to Kendall Regional Medical center. They were both occupants of the same vehicle. Witnesses in the area reported hearing a loud bang sound and seeing one truck’s engine catch on fire.

Numerous parts of Krome Ave between Southwest 88th Street and Okeechobee Road remained closed for hours after the crash. The cargo of fruits and vegetables that was carried by one of the trucks was also strewn all over the road.

Residents in the area expressed concern about the history of accidents on the road. One man from Homestead commented that truckers tend to speed as soon as they get onto Krome Ave, which has resulted in many accidents and deaths over the years.

Lawsuits following a fatal truck accident

In situations involving serious injuries or death, both the driver and the company that owns the truck may be responsible for the damages and they can both be attached in civil lawsuits for negligence and wrongful death. The main reason to file these kinds of cases is to make sure that the person or business responsible will have to pay for treatment for injuries, other costs related to the accident, or even funeral expenses.

A negligence case basically says that a driver was not careful enough and caused injuries or property damage due to their poor driving. Once a lawyer establishes fault, they can make an argument that the driver responsible and their employer must cover costs for things like medical treatment, hospitalization, missed time from work and lost wages, along with mental or emotional trauma. This is the standard format of most personal injury lawsuits that follow all automobile accidents.

A wrongful death action is a related lawsuit, but it has special rules that describe which family members can sue on the deceased person’s behalf, along with the time limits for filing such a case. Lawyers who specialize in truck accident cases can provide a more thorough explanation of how this process works.

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