Unfortunately, many news stories that give details about truck accidents also include fatalities. The main remedies available to the family members of the victims involve filing civil cases against the driver responsible or their employer.

A fatal truck crash occurred in Volusia County just south of Daytona Beach near the town of Deland.

Multiple vehicle crash outside of Daytona turns fatal

Police from the Florida Highway Patrol believe the incident began with a man going through a red light in his truck at the intersection of East New York Ave and Pratt Ave. The truck initially went into the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle at the other side of the intersection. The motorcycle was then pushed under a Toyota four door sedan. The motorcycle caught fire shortly afterward as the truck continued into the rear of the Toyota vehicle. The motorcycle rider was killed at the scene despite the fact that he was wearing a helmet and proper safety gear. All occupants of both the truck and Toyota needed to be taken to a local medical center to be treated for minor injuries. They were all apparently wearing seat belts during the accident.

Police do not believe alcohol was involved in the crash, but the truck driver will face criminal charges related to the accident.

Injuries after truck accidents

Vehicles that are on the receiving end of truck crashes often experience the worst damage because they tend to be smaller and more vulnerable. Occupants of these vehicles also will sustain serious or fatal injuries.

Lawsuits after an accident

As a general rule, victims can contact an accident or personal injury attorney to file a negligence case against the driver. This type of lawsuit states that the person responsible for causing the collision breached their duty of care on the roads and injured one or more other people. The amount of money that can be won from these cases usually tends to correspond to the amount of damage caused by the crash.

Wrongful death cases

When someone is killed by a truck driver, they can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the person and their employer if it is a truck used for business purposes. As a general rule, employers are liable for the negligence of their employees during work hours.

In Florida, wrongful death cases allow either parents, children, or others who were financially dependent on the victim to make a claim for damages. This can include medical bills, future lost wages, hospital expenses, and funeral expenses. As with other civil lawsuits, there can also be an argument for non-economic damages related to the family’s pain and suffering. Wrongful death actions have slightly different rules than other personal injury cases and they have a shorter window to file the case, so it is important to discuss this option with a lawyer shortly after the accident.

Talk to a truck accident expert in your city

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