What is negligent hiring in a truck accident lawsuit in Austin?

Austin, TX – Driving a large semi truck or other commercial vehicle is a serious responsibility, as it is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. Drivers need to have a commercial driver’s license and various other qualifications to operate these vehicles safely. Employers who own trucking companies need to be vigilant to ensure that all of their drivers are legally able to operate the type of vehicles that they use, and also that they have a clear record that does not involve things like drunk driving or reckless driving offenses. If a trucking company hires a dangerous driver, they may have to deal with the consequences of the crash through a lawsuit related to negligent hiring. 

Truck accident attorneys in Texas can provide more specific details about how to sue a trucking company that caused damage. 

Background checks

It is common for employers in trucking and various other industries to conduct background checks as part of their standard hiring procedures. While companies can choose their own policies, things like extensive traffic offense records, prior violations of trucking regulations, or crimes related to substance abuse may disqualify an applicant from employment. A driver who has had prior issues with any of these problems can create a dangerous situation on the road, and the company may want to avoid hiring them to avoid liability. 

Liability for trucking companies

If a truck driver with a problematic history causes an accident, it is common for the employer to be attached as a defendant in a civil lawsuit. In the business world, employers are generally responsible for the actions of their workers as long as they were performing their job duties when the incident in question took place. While trucking businesses are required to have insurance policies that can cover large losses, it is possible that a collision where multiple people are injured can cost a very great amount. An important issue in the case may be whether the employer acted with reasonable care when investigating the driver’s background and ensuring that they would be able to operate their vehicle safely. If the employer deviated from the accepted standard of care for checking drivers before hiring them, they may have committed negligent hiring. 

Legal advice after a truck crash in Texas

Robson Law Firm can handle truck accident lawsuits and all related personal injury matters in the Austin area. Their lawyers are available to meet with people who have recently been hurt in a collision.

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