What is considered driver error in a truck accident in Mesa?

Mesa, AZ – Various forms of driver error can cause serious injuries and death on the roads. According to research from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a majority of truck crashes involve some kind of inaction or error by the driver [1]. Many times, a driver will simply fail to notice or appreciate a risk such as getting too close to another vehicle until it is too late to avoid the crash. Regardless of the reasons for causing the crash, the driver and their employer will have to pay for the costs associated with the accident if they are found to be at fault. Victims of truck drivers who have made mistakes that caused an accident can find attorneys to represent them in a lawsuit against the trucking company for compensation. 

Examples of driver errors that cause accidents

There are many different things that can happen on the roads that are considered errors. These include disobeying traffic laws, making improper turns, distractions while driving, and changing lanes without checking blind spots. In each scenario, the accident could have been avoided if the driver had managed their vehicle properly. The problem with trucking is that even minor errors such as these can have severe risks and consequences, including the loss of human life and large amounts of property damage. Mesa accident lawyers can sue the driver if they cause any kind of harm to others on the roads.  

Technology to assist with driver errors

One way that driver errors have been minimized over the last several years is by technology that helps assist with possible driver issues. This includes collision warning systems, rear and side view cameras to assist with blind spots, and automatic braking technology to avoid collisions. A potential problem is that these devices are not implemented universally, and regulations also have not caught up to the point where newer safety devices are required on semi trucks, garbage trucks, and construction vehicles. 

Reactions by the government

Many transportation regulations that have been developed over the last several decades are a response to these problems. Drivers are required to rest during the course of each day and limit their driving hours. Things like weight limits and drunk driving laws also are attempts to control factors that can make driving and mechanical errors more likely. If these regulations were not followed correctly, Mesa truck accident lawyers have the ability to use these violations as evidence of negligence during the course of a lawsuit and settlement talks. 

More advice about truck accidents in Mesa is available

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