Knowing what information is stored in a commercial truck’s black box, also referred to as an EDR (event data recorder), is not only essential for a victim to know as it can provide some rather insightful information regarding the crash, but it can also be beneficial to a truck accident lawyer representing an injured client. To be clear, an EDR “is a device that is installed in a motor vehicle to record technical vehicle and occupant information for a brief period of time.” This is usually in seconds, not minutes, although some EDR devices vary so it is best to not assume those in trucks are the same as those found in passenger vehicles.

Now, some of the things the U.S. Department of Transportation says an EDR may record include:

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The information stored on an EDR can aid a truck accident attorney in proving their client wasn’t at fault which increases the chances of the victim securing a substantial settlement.

  • The speed the vehicle was traveling at before the accident transpired.
  • Whether the brakes were activated in the moments before the crash.
  • Crash forces at the time of impact.
  • Whether the airbag deployed and it if was ready prior to the accident.
  • Whether the vehicle occupant’s seat belt was buckled.


Unlike ELD’s, which are electronic logging devices used by commercial truck drivers to log in their hours of operation which helps track their time spent on the road, EDR’s are solely used to record information that is related to an event, such as a truck collision. Not only can an EDR provide police, agencies responsible for investigating an accident, and a truck accident lawyer with specific aspects of the collision, but they also help identify any auto safety problems and assist officials with their investigations when trying to determine the cause of the crash.


How can the information found on the EDR help a truck accident victim?


When the victim of a truck crash chooses to hire a lawyer to assist them in recovering compensation for their injuries and/or losses, they are responsible for proving fault in the wreck. One piece of evidence attorneys can use to aid them in proving liability is by obtaining the information that is stored on the EDR. For example, if the EDR shows the trucker had to slam on his/her brakes just moments before a collision, it might be an indicator that they were traveling well above the legal speed limit or that they weren’t paying attention and realized at the last minute that traffic was slowing down ahead of them.

The information stored on the EDR along with other data that was collected at the accident scene can all help a truck crash victim looking to collect compensation prove who was at-fault which, in turn, will increase their chances of obtaining a successful outcome in their case.


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