Truck driver fatigue is a common reason for serious truck accidents occurring. In a recent North Carolina collision, one big-rig ended up rear-ending another big-rig and this resulted in a serious fire. The reason for the collision was unknown, but it is easy to speculate that one of the contributing factors may be truck driver fatigue since there were two trucks involved and since it is more common then it should be for truckers to get behind the wheel when they are exhausted.

Truck drivers are expected to follow extremely specific rules and adhere strictly to the law to avoid facing serious legal consequences. The most important rule that truck drivers are expected to follow is that they are expected to carry proper driver qualifications. Drivers are expected to go through with the proper licensing procedure as well as meet the criteria for good health, so they are deemed stable enough to operate such a large vehicle.

Most truck drivers do carry the proper licensing and do meet the physical health requirements. However, they fail to follow the other rules that are laid out for them. One of these rules is regarding their Hours of Service. In North Carolina, truck drivers are not allowed to drive for more than 12 hours after 8 consecutive hours off-duty. They are also not allowed to drive after going through 70 hours of work through 7 consecutive days. The same limitations apply for drivers who work for 80 hours on 8 consecutive days.

These trucking laws are put in place to ensure drivers do not drive despite facing serious fatigue. Since most drivers are paid by the hour, many of them try their best to drive long hours at the expense of their sleep so they can earn more. Though this allows them to earn more money, it also results in them operating their vehicle while they are very tired, and this can easily result in an accident.

Trucking companies must report the accident in Charlotte, NC

After an accident involving a truck occurs, the truck driver and company are expected to make a report and inform the police as soon as possible. If the crash involved fatalities, then they must make their report within 24 hours. However, if the truck did not involve any fatalities, then they have 15 days to make their report.

Individuals should not hesitate to call a truck accident attorney after they get into a collision involving one of these large vehicles. Many legal details come with trying to make a claim after suffering damages in a truck accident and a person will need all the professional help they can get.  When a truck driver is at fault for causing the accident, the victims have high chances of recovering compensation to help them pay for their medical bills and any other losses they suffered because of this unfortunate collision.



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