What happens when multiple commercial vehicles are involved in an accident in Long Beach?

Long Beach, CA – Many motor vehicle crashes in California and other states involve multiple vehicles. It is also possible that more than one commercial vehicle such as a semi truck, bus, or garbage truck can be involved in the same collision. In these cases, the state’s system of comparative negligence can be applied to each vehicle to determine their relative level of fault. When portioning fault and damage awards starts to become complex, it is best to get advice from licensed Long Beach accident lawyers who can provide more detailed information. 

Determining liability and fault

In all accident cases, the driver who is considered to be at fault is responsible for the damage that they caused. This is true whether the driver was a standard or commercial vehicle, and the victim who brings the lawsuit can potentially be a pedestrian, driver, bicyclist, or other parties. As a practical matter, the driver at fault will pay for damages through a settlement agreement issued by their insurance company in most cases. It is rare that a full trial will be needed after a motor vehicle crash, although this is possible if the victim and defendant’s insurance company cannot come to an agreement. 

Comparative negligence laws

Each jurisdiction has different laws regarding whether those who are partially responsible for a collision have a right to sue and collect compensation. California, like some other states, allows this analysis to become more complex due to the principles of comparative negligence. This means that fault for the accident can be divided between everyone involved to equal one hundred percent. Even parties involved that are partially at fault can still sue in this scenario. The only difference is that their damages will be reduced according to the level of fault that is attributed to their actions. There is no amount of fault that will totally prevent anyone involved in bringing a lawsuit with Long Beach truck accident lawyers, although as a practical matter a party that is mostly at fault for the collision may only receive a small amount of damages after a significant reduction. 

What kinds of behaviors are used to attribute negligence?

This analysis of who actually caused an accident or was mostly responsible is very fact intensive. There will need to be a review of the driver’s actions before the collision, especially if some or all of the parties involved committed traffic violations. This can include speeding, illegal turns, illegal lane changes, or more serious offenses like drunk driving or reckless driving. The police may note these issues in their accident report. 

Truck accident assistance in Long Beach California

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