Cedar Rapids, IA – Because the government has a strong interest in preventing serious highway accidents, there are a number of regulations that can be enforced by penalizing the driver or company that owns a commercial vehicle. One of the ways this happens is when a truck is temporarily taken out of service due to violations. 

An order to take the vehicle out of service

It is most common for a truck to be taken out of service for a mechanical issue or some kind of other imminent danger that can cause an accident on the roads if not fixed. This tends to happen most often at weigh stations. Other common problems include a truck that weighs too much, a driver going somewhere beyond their final destination, or issues with a refrigerated truck. 

The inspector will usually require that the truck remain in place until the problem is corrected, or the vehicle may need to log a certain number of hours in place before it can be operated again. If a citation is issued by a police officer during the inspection, it is possible that the vehicle will be towed away as well. 

Obviously, this can be a big problem for trucking businesses that need to make timely deliveries, as they will lose money while waiting. At times, a mobile mechanic may need to be called out to the site to fix the issue, which will create additional expenses for the business as well. 

Accidents involving trucks that have violated regulations

Whenever a commercial driver causes an accident, it is likely that the victims will file insurance claims against the parent company that owns the vehicle and lawsuits. If there is evidence that the truck should have been out of service, or that other regulations were violated, it is possible that this can be used against the company as evidence of negligence. Most motor vehicle accident lawsuits filed against a commercial driver are negligence cases, and their employer is attached due to their responsibility for their drivers. 

 If the victim prevails in a lawsuit, the defendant driver or their employer will have to pay out damages for medical bills, lost income and wages, and non-economic losses for pain and suffering. It is common for companies with fleets of vehicles to pay for large insurance policies that can cover the huge costs associated with a truck collision

Attorneys are available in Iowa

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is a firm that is available to help with legal issues in the Cedar Rapids area. Their attorneys focus on helping clients who have been injured receive as much compensation as allowed by law. 

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