What happens when a truck driver without their CDL causes an accident in Sacramento?

Sacramento, CA – Operating large semi trucks and other commercial vehicles creates a number of risks. For this reason, governments have sought to regulate trucking and similar fields through requirements that can affect many aspects of the industry such as licensing, cargo, and insurance requirements. A commercial driver’s license or CDL is the most important item for truckers and other commercial drivers, as it proves that they have adequate knowledge of the rules of the road for commercial drivers, and that they have passed a skills test while driving the same kind of vehicle that they operate for work. 

Commercial drivers are always supposed to have a valid CDL while driving, but not all drivers or their employers will follow the law. There are several consequences to driving without a CDL, and these become much more serious if there is also an accident. Sacramento truck accident lawyers help those harmed by unlicensed drivers file lawsuits. 

Punishments from the state

California can bring criminal charges against drivers who operate commercial vehicles without a CDL. The conditions of a sentence after a conviction can include the inability to drive commercial vehicles for two to four months, fines for as much as one thousand dollars, and the possibility of up to six months in jail. It is also possible for a driver who is using an expired CDL to be subject to the same penalties. 

Insurance claims

The insurance company of the trucker may receive claims to pay for the damage caused during an accident. However, depending on the terms of the policy, they may refuse to pay for the company’s losses if not having a CDL is a violation of these terms. 

Civil lawsuits

All drivers who cause an accident that results in property damage and injuries can potentially be sued in civil court by Sacramento accident lawyers. When a commercial vehicle is potentially at fault, this can result in a number of other inquiries such as whether the vehicle was within weight limits, if the driver made any serious mistakes, and if the driver had all of the proper qualifications and credentials to operate their vehicle legally. A failure to meet any of these requirements, such as the lack of a CDL, can be used as evidence of negligence by the plaintiff, and it is difficult for the trucker and their employer to defend against these accusations. A settlement agreement to pay the victims will generally cost the defendant in the case hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more. 

Truck collision attorneys in Sacramento

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