A truck accident in the Denver area gives a concrete example of what can happen when the driver falls asleep behind the wheel. Obviously, situations like this are going to have serious consequences in most cases because of the sheer size and destructive potential of an uncontrolled truck. The good news is that the law in Colorado provides ways to make drivers pay for their irresponsibility.

U-Haul collides with a building and causes problems

The Denver Fire Department arrived on the scene of an accident on a Wednesday morning to find a U-Haul truck crashed into building. The incident occurred at around 8am at the intersection of South Broadway and West Jewell Ave. The passenger in the vehicle had admitted during the initial investigation that the driver had fallen asleep. He explained that the vehicle started to go off of the road after the driver was no longer controlling the truck. Both the driver and the passenger sustained minor injuries, but no one was believed to be seriously hurt by the crash. The Denver Fire Department also had to bring engineers to check the building structure and part of the road needed to be closed while debris was moved and the scene was cleared.

Truckers are vulnerable to making mistakes

Because of the long trips that truck drivers have to endure, it is common for them to fall asleep, not pay attention, or have health problems while on the road. Some drivers also choose to consume drugs or alcohol before or during driving. There are also transportation regulations that limit the number of hours trucks and other similar kinds of workers can work during the course of one day, which are sometimes ignored for the purpose of making a quicker delivery. In all of these cases, a lawyer can bring a negligence action because the driver has breached their standard duty of care by not being alert and responsive on the roads.

A sleeping driver or one who has engaged in the other dangerous activities previously mentioned is probably going to cause some kind of damage. When a lawyer can show that this kind of behavior caused injuries to a person or damage to property, it creates a clear cut case of negligence. The driver and their employer will have to pay for any damages that result from this kind of misbehavior behind the wheel, whether it comes from their business insurance or out of their own pockets.

Colorado negligence laws

Negligence is the legal term for saying someone’s improper behavior caused injuries to another person. Each state has its own specific laws regarding how these claims develop. There are a couple of nuances in Colorado that make negligence claims different from other states. Colorado allows plaintiffs to make a claim as long as their portion of fault is not greater than the defendant in a negligence action. This level of fault that is attributed to the plaintiff is called contributory negligence. The state also has placed caps on certain types of damages to prevent plaintiffs from recovering very large sums. However, these caps will usually only become an issue in cases of serious injury of death that involve very large amounts. A lawyer can give more specific information about Colorado’s negligence standards if they are relevant to your case.

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