Truck accidents tend to cause massive amounts of damage due to the sheer size of the vehicles. In some instances, a truck plows into a restaurant, storefront, garage, warehouse, or other place of business and creates a major problem for the business owner. The good news is that the law in the state of Massachusetts does provide ways of helping people who incur business losses because of accidents. There are certain types of insurance coverage that also help during these times.

Crash in Boston destroys a restaurant

A truck that was performing some kind of city function ended up on the sidewalk where it hit one pedestrian and crashed into a restaurant business in Chinatown. Witnesses report seeing multiple small impacts against the wall of the restaurant on Kneeland Street before the truck collided with a pedestrian who was walking by. Police confirmed that the vehicle was a government truck, but did not know its specific department or business in the area. Emergency crews also confirmed that the person’s injuries do not appear to be life threatening. No immediate cause of the accident or further details about the driver or the victim were known.

Insurance coverage and lawsuits

Most businesses have some kind of insurance coverage for inventory, assets, and other materials. There are also more elaborate or expensive policies that can be purchased for businesses that are exposed to high levels of risk.

In many cases involving property damage from an accident, there is either insurance on the business as an entity or building itself that can provide coverage. The truck driver and their employer may need to be sued so that their insurance coverage will pay for the damages. Companies that deal with trucking usually have a special type of coverage because of the possibility of these incidents. Depending on the specifics of your case, you can file an insurance claim for coverage of damages to the building, bring a lawsuit against the driver at fault, or both.

The area of the law that deals with damages and injuries caused by the actions of another person or entity is called tort law. Most of the tort law that lawyers practice in areas like personal injury or civil liability revolves around negligence claims. Massachusetts has its own specific negligence laws like every other state, but the basic framework is that a person breached their duty of care, which caused injuries to a person or their property. This negligence law is what allows lawsuits to be brought against drivers and others who cause property damage through careless actions.

Whether there is a case against the driver or a claim filed with the company that handles the insurance on the building, people pay for insurance for exactly these kinds of situations. However, insurance companies also have adjusters and lawyers who get involved to only pay out the minimum amount even when a relevant policy should cover the damages, or to look for reasons to avoid paying for the damages. Because of these possible issues it is often helpful to retain your own legal representation.

Get a lawyer to help rebuild your business

If your business in Boston or a nearby area has recently experienced setbacks because of a careless truck driver, the best option is to get help from a local lawyer. Attorneys who know how to deal with insurance companies and trucking businesses can fight on your behalf to get as much money as legally possible.