The legal distribution of liability can be pretty complicated in accidents that involve trucks. Unlike regular car accidents, there is often more than one party involved and this leads to longer investigations and also generally requires more evidence to be collected. A truck accident lawyer in Ft. Collins, CO can help a person determine which parties need to be taken to court in order for them to get the financial compensation they require to cover the damages which they suffered due to their negligence.

A common party that goes under investigation after a truck accident is the truck manufacturer or the company that takes care of the truck’s maintenance. These parties can be held liable if it is discovered that the truck accident occurred due to the malfunctioning of a truck part. If the trucker had done their part and taken their vehicle in for maintenance at regular intervals, then the maintenance company can be questioned as to why they did not repair the truck properly or they can be questioned about why they did not inform the trucker that the vehicle was not fit to drive due to a faulty part.

The truck manufacturer can be held liable if it is discovered that the truck got into an accident because it was not built properly, to begin with, and if the way it was built did not comply with the safety standards put forward by the law. Equipment failure is actually a relatively common reason for truckers to get into an accident. Trucks can have tire blowouts, jackknifing caused by brakes malfunctioning and other similar problems because they were not maintained properly or there was a problem that occurred at the time of the part installation.

How many parties can be held liable for the accident?

The number of defendants that a person may collect in a case varies in every truck accident. If there was more than one guilty party then naturally, there will be more than one defendant from whom a person will be claiming compensation for their losses. The only case in which only the truck driver will be held accountable for the collision is if it is determined that the trucker acted purposely and actually intended to crash their vehicle into another vehicle for personal reasons.

In such cases, the trucker will be charged with assault and there will normally not be any need to investigate and question the trucking company and other parties since the trucker was not representing them but they were representing their own personal interests when they behaved in such an aggressive manner.

Calling a truck accident lawyer is the best way through which a person can ascertain that they will not be given a lower offer of compensation then they deserve and it is also the easiest way for a person to lighten the burden of dealing with the legal process after going through such a clearly traumatic experience in their life.