Driving a truck can be trickier than driving other vehicles because of their larger size. Since it’s more difficult to drive a truck the chances of getting into an accident also increase significantly. If a person gets into an accident while driving a truck, and it is found that he or she was actually at fault for the accident then they will generally have to pay for the damages through their own insurance company.

The good news though, is that in most cases, one single individual will not be held 100% accountable for the accident. In most cases, the other drivers involved in the crash will also be partially responsible and they will have to pay for the amount they were responsible for.

When it comes to trucking accidents specifically, not only can other drivers be held liable, but there are many other individuals who can be questioned and placed at fault. The truck driver will only be held liable if they broke traffic rules or if they were violating the laws and regulations put forward for truck drivers.

If a truck driver did not do anything illegal and they had been fulfilling their duties properly when the accident occurred, the fault can go on other individuals depending on what caused the accident. If it is determined the accident was caused due to excess cargo then the cargo loading company or even the producer of the cargo can be held liable. If it is found that the accident occurred because the truck malfunctioned in one way or the other then the entity responsible for truck maintenance or even the manufacturer of the truck can be questioned and held financially responsible in court.

What steps should I take after getting into a truck accident?

Whether a truck driver feels like they were at fault or not, they should reach out to a truck accident lawyer in Denver, CO to help them determine what legal steps need to be taken next in order to reduce their liability as much as possible. Often, truck drivers make the mistake of calling their insurance companies right after they get into an accident. This is a problem as it can lead to a person losing out on a lot of the compensation which should rightfully be given to them.

A driver should make sure they contact their attorney before calling their insurance company in order to have their attorney reach out to the insurance company tactfully on their behalf. If the insurance company offers a person a settlement, they should make sure not to sign it before having an attorney look over the paperwork first. In most cases, there will always be a way to get more compensation from the company, especially when the correct legal references are made.

A driver who gets into an accident should act fast in order to get the compensation they deserve. In Colorado, individuals generally have up to 180 days to make a valid claim.