Like many other states, Missouri follows the Fault system when it comes to legally settle a vehicle accident. This Fault system generally entails that a driver has three options they can choose from to cover their damages after they get into an accident.

  1. A driver can choose to claim their own insurance
  2. A driver can choose to claim the insurance of the other driver
  3. A driver can choose to pursue legal action and sue the other driver

A truck accident attorney in Clayton. Missouri can help a person figure out which course of action is best suited for their specific case. The good news is that if a person gets into an accident involving a truck, there can be many different parties held responsible, and the fault of the driver can be reduced significantly. However, if it is decided that a person had been behaving recklessly and that the accident was almost entirely their fault then they will most likely have to compensate the truck driver or other parties involved through their own insurance company.

In the case that a driver is found to be completely responsible or almost entirely responsible for the accident, the other drivers have the option of pursuing any of the above three options as well. They can choose to have their damages covered through their own insurance company, through the individual’s insurance company, or they can choose to take personal legal action against the driver who is at fault.

Should I involve a lawyer?

If a person is at fault for a large scale accident they should definitely request legal assistance from a qualified attorney. A person might not even be held liable for the accident if the other party is making a claim against them after a certain period of time. In Missouri, individuals involved in an accident have up to five years after the event to make a claim. A truck accident attorney can also help a person gather adequate pieces of evidence to prove that the accident was not entirely their fault.

What will I have to pay for if I am at fault?

If a person is found to be at fault they will have to cover the other driver’s medical bills, the bills for fixing their vehicles and property, and possibly even the bills for any missed income the other drivers may suffer as a result of their injuries. Most people don’t have enough in assets to pay for this out of their pocket and that is why it is necessary to have insurance on one’s vehicle. The state of Missouri requires that drivers have basic liabilities insurance which covers at least $50,000 for injuries per accident and $10,000 for property damage per accident.

If the other party claims their insurance then they will have to follow through with paying for their damages in this manner.