Truck collisions are fairly common in Arlington, VA but they are generally accidental. On the rare occasion that a truck accident was undertaken purposely by the trucker, everything will be seen very differently from a legal perspective.

In most normal truck accidents, the trucking company can be held liable for the accident. However, if the trucker intentionally hit another driver for personal reasons then the trucking company or any other third party will generally not be brought into the lawsuit. The liability of the accident will fall entirely on the trucker and they will be charged with assault according to how much harm they caused to the other driver.

Trucking companies will not be at fault in such cases because the employee’s acts do not represent the company at all in this condition, and therefore, they cannot be held responsible. Anyone who has been hit by a trucker should contact a truck accident attorney in Arlington, VA in order to get compensated accordingly. If the actions of the trucker were intentional a person may be eligible to collect more punitive damages, especially if serious injuries occurred or if there was a loss of life due to the attack.

Why do I need to call a lawyer after a truck accident?

Truckers are required by the law to follow very specific rules and regulations. These rules and regulations can be very lengthy and complicated to go through on one’s own. Whenever a truck accident happens it is highly probable that the driver broke one of the rules which they were supposed to be following and this can shift the case even more in the favor of the other driver who was involved in the accident.

Depending on which rules were violated and how severely they were violated a person may be entitled to receive more in compensation for any of the pain and harm they suffered. Lawyers are well aware of trucking rules and can take care of sifting through them on behalf of their clients.

Apart from educating a person on the rulings, an attorney who is experienced in dealing with truck accidents can also assist a person with going around and collecting the required evidence from the parties who may have been guilty of contributing to the accident.  A thorough investigation is always required after large-scale accidents in order to ensure that the correct parties are being penalized and that no one is made to pay for the damages unnecessarily.

It is in a person’s best interest to call a lawyer as soon as they possibly can after the accident so that they can begin their case as soon as possible. No one wants to have to wait a long time for financial compensation after going through something as traumatic as a truck accident. Since truck drivers are required to carry more insurance then regular car owners it is very likely that a person will be compensated fully, especially if they follow the correct legal protocol.

Calling a legal professional to begin the legal process is the best way to ensure everything goes as quickly and smoothly as possible.