What Features Does the Tesla Semi-Truck Come Equipped With?

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The automotive industry is nothing like it was years ago. Cars today have the ability to detect when there is a high chance of a front-end collision occurring and will automatically apply the emergency brake to avoid from crashing. Some can even warn you if someone is walking behind your car when you put your vehicle in reverse to back up. Aside from these features, there are also autonomous vehicles being manufactured that can operate without a driver.

There is no doubt about it that technology has allowed companies to create some of the most innovative forms of travel that have much more capability than ever before andthey are expected to be safer. One of the newest vehicle models to enter into the automotive industry are upgraded and advanced versions of semi-trucks.  In fact, Tesla recently launched their own semi-truck claiming that it is the “safest truck ever.” If you’ve heard about the Tesla semi-truck and are wondering what features it comes equipped with, read on as we are outlining this information for you below.


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Tesla claims their semi-truck is “the safest truck ever.”

Features of the Tesla electric semi-truck include:


  • Enhanced Autopilot.


  • It can travel longer distances without having to stop. The Tesla semi is said to get 500 miles of range per charge which means less stopping time to fuel up and more time to transport cargo from one destination to the next. It can also charge up to 400 miles in just 30 minutes when using a Megacharger, according to Business Insider.


  • Fast acceleration. The Tesla semi is able to travel from 0-60 mph in 20 seconds while “hauling 80,000 pounds of cargo.”


  • It can travel 0-60 mph in five seconds without a trailer attached to it.


  • The windshield can withstand impact. The windshield of the Tesla semi is made of impact resistant glass which reduces the chances of debris or any other type of flying object from piercing through it.


Overall, the company has claimed that the “truck is safer than other semis because it was designed with a reinforced battery that helps prevent damage upon impact and also gives the truck a very low center of gravity.” Another important feature that the truck will have is that there is less of a chance of the truck jackknifing, which seems to occur more frequently than many may realize. According to the company, “jackknifing is prevented due to the semi’s onboard sensors that detect instability and react with positive or negative torque to each wheel while independently actuating all brakes.”

Aside from the safety features Tesla’s semi-truck is expected to have, it also has a much more modern look than what society is used to. With its sleek and futuristic appearance, some have even said that it looks like a “spaceship.” Now, the Tesla semi has not yet launched, although Business Insider reported that the production of the truck will begin in 2019 and reservations can be made for $5,000.

With so many truck collisions occurring each and every year, it seems as though these upgraded semis are exactly what the industry needs, although there is no sure way to know they will reduce the number of crashes until they begin being used by companies across the county. In 2016, there were approximately 475,000 police-reported crashes involving large trucks of which 3,864 were fatal and 104,000 resulted in injury [Source: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration]. With so many lives being impacted by the severity of these accidents, hopefully, the new forms of technology being placed inside these semis and others being manufactured will reduce the number of collisions significantly.


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