Truck drivers and those individuals in charge of loading the trucks are responsible for ensuring they follow the required guidelines which have been mandated by the law. In general, the amount of weight a truck is allowed to carry directly corresponds with its size.

Single axle trucks are allowed to carry up to 20,000 pounds whereas tandem trucks can carry up to 34,000 pounds. If a truck is overloaded the consequences can be dire. Trucks are not like cars and minivans in terms of their ease of use. The reason truck drivers have to undergo separate training and obtain a special license in order to drive a truck around is because such large automobiles are obviously a lot more difficult to control and maneuver around.

Trucks are already difficult to drive; now if a person were to overload this vehicle the chances of the driver losing control and the truck tipping over are actually very high. Carrying loads which are too heavy can take a serious toll on the internal structure of the truck and can cause it to break down and malfunction without any serious warnings beforehand.

What happens if the load was not distributed properly into my truck?

Sometimes, the problem isn’t that the truck has been overloaded, but that the truck was not loaded correctly. If the cargo keeps shifting around while a person is driving then it is possible that all the weight will shift over to one side and cause the large vehicle to tip over, leading to a serious accident and many unnecessary damages.

Truckers are not only required to ensure their load is within the correct weight and that the cargo is loaded on properly, but they also need to ensure that proper restraints have been placed to keep the cargo in place as well. Truckers need to understand that it is their right to drive in safe conditions and if they feel like the cargo loading company has not done a proper job at securing everything in place they should definitely speak up and refuse to start driving until everything is arranged properly.

In the case an accident does end up occurring, a truck accident attorney can help a person communicate with all the parties involved until a proper arrangement is made to cover any damages which may have been caused by the accident. Driving a truck is not an easy task and anyone who is transporting cargo over long distances needs to ensure they put their safety above anything else.

If a person’s safety and wellbeing have been compromised by another party, such as the cargo loading company, then they should not hesitate to call a legal professional to help them get compensated for their losses. No truck driver should have to be held liable for an accident which was not their fault, and the party which had been negligent should be questioned in court and be compelled to make up for the losses.