While many things can go wrong on a New Mexico road, one of the most dangerous scenarios is the dreaded semi-truck rollover. When these massive vehicles lose control and turn on their sides, it can result in all kinds of hazards. Cars can be completely crushed, dangerous cargo can leak or spill onto the highway, and fuel tanks can rupture, causing explosions. But why do trucks roll over in the first place? Surely we should be able to avoid something like this in the modern era?

If you have been injured by a semi-truck rollover in New Mexico, you have every right to file a personal injury claim. In order to do this, you’ll need to get in touch with a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney. Choose a skilled lawyer, and you can approach your personal injury claim with a measure of confidence and clarity. With help from one of these legal professionals, you can receive a substantial settlement that covers your medical expenses, missed wages, and other damages.

A Number of Factors Can Cause a Truck to Roll Over

Often, there is no single factor that causes a truck to roll over in New Mexico. Rather, it is a combination of errors and misjudgments that eventually causes the vehicle to topple over. That being said, here are some of the most common factors that cause semi-truck rollovers:

  • Excessive Speeds: Trucks become harder to control when traveling at high speeds. When drivers are going too fast, even the slightest movement to one side can cause the trailer to become unbalanced.
  • Heavy Loads: Trucks can only carry a certain amount of cargo before they become unsafe. When operators load trucks with too much cargo, the entire vehicle becomes very unstable. Again, even a slight sideways turn can cause the truck to topple over.
  • Driver Error: Human mistakes can also result in rollovers. A common factor is “overcorrecting.” This is when a truck driver swerves too hard to one side before panicking. In this situation, the driver then swerves even harder to the opposite side, resulting in a complete loss of control and a rollover.
  • Negligence: While human errors are unavoidable, negligence can be prevented. Examples of driver negligence include intoxication behind the wheel, fatigue, and distractions. All of these actions are irresponsible and can lead to rollovers.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you have been searching the New Mexico area for a qualified, experienced truck injury attorney, look no further than the Law Office of Brian K. Branch. Visit us at our office in Albuquerque, and we can plan out your next move during a consultation. With our help, you can hold negligent truck drivers and truck operators accountable for their reckless actions. Book your consultation today.


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