If you recently joined the trucking industry as it has been your passion to work in it or were recruited as there is currently a shortage in drivers, you are probably wondering what your first year as a truck driver is going to be like. Although every driver’s experience is different as some are assigned to different types of routes (i.e. day or night, long or short distance trips), there are a few things you can expect to encounter during your first year of driving. Below we highlight what some of these things are based on information provided by Alltrucking.com.


  1. Most truckers may find that one of the more difficult aspects of the job is having to spend long periods of time away from family, that is, unless you won’t be required to take long-distance trips or travel far away from home. Alltrucking.com, which was developed by truck industry veterans says that getting accustomed to a schedule that keeps you away from your family is difficult and “can take a toll on anyone,” however, “it is part of the position.”


  1. One of the “biggest physical challenges of the job includes learning how to control the truck and trailer that you will be operating.” As you know, you could be pushing a truck that weighs up to 80,000 pounds and it will take some time getting used to before you master maneuvering such a heavy vehicle.


  1. Don’t expect to adjust to the driving and your schedule right off the bat. The source says that “driving for eight to 10 hours a day will be much more demanding than training for a CDL.” Therefore, it is best that you “set up a proper daily work schedule according to [your] current load that include rest and work breaks.” This will help to make your first year “less challenging.”


  1. Don’t assume that drivers will be courteous to you. While you would think that drivers of passenger vehicles would be more understanding to the fact that you are pushing thousands and thousands of pounds of weight and give you the room you need to make a wide turn, think again. Not only might you encounter some motorists who could care less about the fact that driving a large truck isn’t easy, but there are also others who will cut in front of you and engage in other types of behavior that increase the level of risk associated with operating a truck.


  1. During your first year, you might find yourself “being assigned loads that are less than favorable.” The source explains that “many trucking and freight companies allow the drivers that have worked for the company for an extended amount of time to receive first choice in driving assignment.” Although this can be frustrating, this is something that often occurs in most work fields.


Aside from what is mentioned above, truck drivers also need to be aware of the fact that accidents happen frequently, and most are caused by the drivers that will be traveling around you. Therefore, you must operate with added caution just as you would your own vehicle and keep an eye out for inattentive and careless drivers so that you can decrease the chances of a collision occurring during your first year of being employed as a truck driver.


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