Truck accidents tend to always cause serious damage because of the size and weight of the vehicles. There may be multiple lawsuits related to one accident, as other drivers, owners of property, or even the truck driver may want to hold the company who owns the truck responsible for injuries and property damage. Trucking companies will often have insurance policies that can cover these significant amounts that will be necessary for things like medical treatment and repairs.

An incident that was captured on video on an interstate road just outside of Dallas shows how devastating a truck crash can be.

Milk tanker drives off of the road and causes property damage

The local news reported that a milk tanker truck went off of the Interstate 30 overpass at MacArthur Boulevard on a Tuesday morning. The fire department believes that the driver fell asleep, crashed into a barrier, and then the truck fell down an embankment as it continued forward for a short distance before turning over and coming to a stop. After the accident, several lanes were closed and it took crews a number of hours to clean up the large milk spill on the roads nearby.

The driver was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries. He also received a citation for failure to maintain proper control.

Regulations for truck drivers

Truck drivers, like all transportation workers, are limited in the number of hours they can work each day. In a situation like this where the driver falls asleep, there may be a number of issues related to the negligence of either the driver or his employer. The company may have improperly told him to work excessive hours in violation of transportation laws. The driver may have purposely worked too long in order to try to make a delivery more quickly. The truck itself may have been improperly maintained and experienced mechanical problems. The driver may have also been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. All of these factors can be considered by a lawyer who wants to decide on a course of action for a lawsuit related to the accident. Evidence of a violation of any of these regulations can help prove negligence by either the driver or the trucking company. The citation that the driver received would also be relevant for these purposes.

A negligence lawsuit

Most lawsuits that follow motor vehicle accidents of all types are negligence cases. These basically allow a lawyer to argue that a lack of care from a driver caused injury to others or damage to property. The amount of damage can be quantified into an amount of money that covers things like repairs to property or medical bills and treatment for injured people.

Texas has its own negligence laws like every other state. These contributory negligence rules generally allow fault in an accident to be portioned to everyone involved and have their amount of damages reduced accordingly. However, in single vehicle accidents like the one above, there is usually little or no fault attributed to the property owner and the accident is exclusively the fault of the driver. Even if these negligence laws sound confusing, a property owner who had their business or home destroyed by a truck will usually be in good shape to receive money from a lawsuit or insurance claim.

A truck accident lawyer can speak with you today

If you have been harmed in any way as a result of a truck accident in Dallas or anywhere nearby, there are lawyers who specialize in these kinds of incidents who can help. The Lenahan Law Firm has recovered millions of dollars worth of damages from truck accidents in Texas in recent years.