The International Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) sates that highway fatalities involving large trucks have jumped by more than 27% in the last decade. Unfortunately, truck accidents are very common in Philadelphia and in many cases other drivers and passengers who were hit by the truck have a high chance of facing death due to the sheer magnitude of this type of accident.

When a person is driving a truck they need to take extra precautions in order to ensure that the other drivers on the road stay as safe as possible. Since it is a known fact that truck accidents occur more often than they should and they also cause a lot of damage, truck drivers need to be as vigilant as possible.

What practical steps can a truck driver take to avoid getting into an accident?

If a truck driver wants to make sure that they do not get into an accident then the first thing they need to do is make sure they are not undergoing any illegal business. The laws were put in place to keep everyone safe and when a driver tries to break the rules they can end up endangering themselves and everyone around them.

Truck drivers have to follow the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Hours of Service (HOS) rules. These rules enforce drivers to take breaks and also to not drive for a longer period of time then it is safe for them to do so.

The nature of truck driving requires a person to drive very long distances for many hours. Some truck drivers feel like they can get their job over with sooner if they keep on driving despite feeling fatigued, or generally unwell. HOS was put into place to restrict drivers and prevent them from making this wrong decision.

Drivers should not only follow HOS but they should also make sure they are properly trained and have the correct license to drive their vehicle. Once again, it is extremely dangerous for everyone on the road if a driver is behind the wheel of a truck he or she does not know how to control properly.

What should I do if I end up getting into an accident with my truck?

If a person does end up crashing their vehicle then they need to first make sure that everyone involved in the accident is okay. If they are not okay then the police and an ambulance should be called immediately and all the individuals involved should get to a safe place before exchanging numbers and taking pictures of the scene.

A person should then get in touch with a truck accident attorney in Philadelphia at their earliest convenience. Truck accident cases are very complex because they involve so many different parties. Luckily for the driver, this can mean that they will probably not be held entirely at fault for the accident.

Insurance companies will generally hold back money which rightfully belongs to a person if they feel like the driver is not well educated about their policies. Anyone who has gotten into an accident should hold off calling their insurance company until they have spoken with a lawyer first.