When truck accidents occur on highways, the speed of these large vehicles often leaves little chance of survival for passengers in any car that they strike.

A highway just outside of Fort Collins Colorado was the scene of a serious truck accident that resulted in multiple fatalities.

Truck kills two women near Fort Collins

The victims of a fatal truck crash were recently identified by the Larimer County Coroner. The two women from Livermore were aged 40 and 44 and they died after a collision with a box truck on U.S. Highway 287 northbound a week earlier. The two were pronounced dead at the scene on a Wednesday afternoon.

After an investigation, police believed that the two victims were driving a 1999 Suzuki vehicle that was stopped in the left traffic lane and waiting to make a turn. While they were at a complete stop, the GMC box truck collided with the rear of their vehicle and pushed it off of the highway and into an embankment. The Colorado State Patrol has said the investigation for the accident is still open and no charges were filed at the time of the report. Another fatal accident occurred months earlier just a few miles away on the same road, leading to safety concerns in the area.

The legal process after an accident

After most truck accidents, there will be issues related to property damage, insurance claims, and injuries to divers and passengers that need to be addressed. Lawyers generally handle these cases by filing a lawsuit which alleges that the driver responsible and their employer should have to pay the victims because of their negligent operation of a motor vehicle. Cases that result in serious injuries or death usually require the party responsible to pay out large amounts to the victim or their family.

Wrongful death cases

After a traffic accident that results in fatalities, there are remedies available from civil lawsuits even when the victims are not around to personally file cases against the person or business responsible. A wrongful death action allows certain family members to stand in the place of the deceased persona and collect money related to things like funeral costs and future lost wages. Each state has different rules for these kinds of lawsuits, but generally a surviving spouse, children, or anyone else who was financially dependent on the victim for support or their estate can sue the person who caused the accident. The value of a wrongful death lawsuit is often significant because a person’s future lost wages for the rest of their career will sometimes add up to thousands or millions of dollars. It is important to speak with an accident lawyer immediately after a family member dies, as there are short statutes of limitations for a wrongful death case.

Local truck accident lawyers are ready to take your case

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