Due to the dangers of driving a truck every day as part of a person’s job, it is possible that these workers can experience significant, life changing injuries.

A tow truck driver was hurt during an incident on Interstate 395 in Alexandria, Virginia and lost one of his legs.

Tow truck driver is injured on the highway and loses a leg

Police believe the accident was caused by a Honda Accord traveling northbound on Interstate 395 in Alexandria, which hit a concrete wall, then crossed all the way to the right side of the road before coming into contact with the tow truck and its driver. The roads nearby were also wet from heavy rain that may have contributed to the accident.

The worker was standing outside of the truck clearing an accident scene involving other vehicles when he was struck by the Accord. The victim worked for a local wrecker service in Falls Church, and he was transported to a local hospital in stable condition. The driver of the Accord was not injured in the accident and police charged him for failing to maintain control of his vehicle.

The owner of the towing company that employed the man said that as a result of the accident, the victim’s leg was severed below the knee. If it was not for a witness helping shortly after the accident, the man may have died. The good Samaritan was a military veteran who was able to put a tourniquet around the victim’s leg. He also helped the victim maintain consciousness and place a phone call to his wife before he was transported to the hospital.

Witnesses who try to help at the scene

This story also brings up issues regarding someone who comes to an accident to render aid. Most states have “Good Samaritan Laws” in effect, which will protect a bystander who attempts to help a victim from lawsuits or any other kind of liability. The reasoning behind these laws is that people should not be discouraged from trying to help injured people out of fear of lawsuits. However, the law also imposes no affirmative duty on those who witness the accident to help if they choose not to do so.

Accidents that cause a permanently altered quality of life

This accident resulted in the truck driver losing a leg. Lawsuits following similar accidents tied to permanent injuries and chronic medical conditions are significant because it is difficult to put a price on something as crucial as a person’s limbs. This means that the driver responsible for the accident will likely have to pay out significant amounts, especially if the victim can no longer work or earn wages as normal. Non-economic damages related to the victim’s mental and emotional pain can also become significant in lawsuits following serious injuries and disfigurement. A lawyer who specializes in these kinds of cases can provide information about the value of a life changing injury and the process for filing a lawsuit.

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