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Some truck collisions are so severe that it can difficult determine what caused the wreck to transpire. However, with the help of an accident reconstructionist expert you gain a better understanding as to how it happened and what factors played a role in causing it.

The aftermath of a truck collision has a story to tell but the details are often hard to decipher due to the degree of damage and the physical condition of the motorists involved. In some instances, there is only the wreckage left to rely on when the accident has resulted in one or more fatalities which makes it much more difficult to determine who caused the accident along with what factors contributed to it occurring. While it can be difficult to gather evidence that answers those two important questions, who caused it and why did it occur, there are professionals who are trained to analyze the aftermath of an accident in order to draw conclusions that are not only valuable to a personal injury case, but also to the loved ones of those who may have lost someone that was involved in the wreck.


Those professionals are reconstructionist experts.


When a reconstructionist expert is called to the scene of an accident or hired to analyze a truck crash, they are looking at several different things that allow them to gather key details that help piece together the unsolved mystery as to why it occurred and who actually is to blame for it. Reconstructionist experts are even needed when those involved in the truck accident survived but may not be providing all the intricate details that could be used against them which would aid a victim in filing a lawsuit against them. So, what exactly do reconstructionist teams or experts look at when analyzing a collision and what can they gather from this evidence?

While there are hundreds of different teams of reconstructionist experts out there who use their own tactics and strategies to look for clues after an accident, most will examine the following:


  • Tire marks
  • Pavement scarring
  • Vehicle damage
  • Debris patterns
  • Victim injuries
  • Black Box, or event data recorders (EDR)- Lifewire says that most vehicles today come equipped with an EDR which keeps track of many different things including how fast a driver was traveling before engaging in an accident, whether they were wearing their seatbelt, etc.
  • ELD (electronic logging device)- This will help determine how long the truck driver was operating his/her vehicle and if they were violating state or federal hours-of-service rules.


All of the data and clues gathered from the evidence that was examined will ultimately help reconstructionist experts decide the true cause of the crash. This, in turn, can assist victims and their families who wish to pursue the at-fault party for damages or losses incurred as a result of the wreck.


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