Truck accidents can be life-threatening, and apart from causing profoundly serious injuries to all those involved, they also lead to serious property damage to more than one vehicle. Since trucks are so much heavier and harder to control than ordinary vehicles, the consequences of one of these massive vehicles losing control can result in large bills that are impossible to pay off without getting financial assistance.

To prevent a situation in which a driver gets into an accident with a truck and does not have the money to pay for their injuries and property damage, all South Carolina drivers are legally required to carry insurance. If they fail to carry insurance and they get caught driving without it, they can be penalized for their irresponsibility. Trucking companies are required to carry significantly large amounts of insurance to cover for any accidents that may result from a mistake made by the company or by the truck driver.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the main reason that truck drivers get into accidents is because of poor decision making on part of the driver. This includes breaking traffic rules, or even just misjudging simple traffic situations.

Another main cause of truck accidents is distracted driving. When drivers are on the phone while driving or when they are very fatigued, they can easily lose control of their vehicles. If a truck accident occurs due to distracted driving on part of the truck driver, the driver will be held liable for the collision and will have to pay for the damages through their insurance.

Who can help me determine fault after a truck accident?

Anyone who gets into an accident with a truck should contact a truck accident attorney as soon as possible to help them determine negligence and get compensated properly.

Apart from poor decision making and distracted driving, the FMCSA reports disclose that driver non-performance is also another reason for truck accidents happening. Driver non-performance is when truck drivers fail to perform the appropriate driving maneuvers to keep themselves and those around them safe.

To get a CDL, truck drivers must undergo thorough training and get properly licensed. In this training, they are taught how to operate their vehicle and how to respond to complex situations on the road. If they fail to do this due to being fatigued and tired, or simply because they did not undergo proper training, they can easily lose control of their truck and end up getting into an accident.

Another major cause of the truck accident in Charleston, South Carolina is vehicle failure, such as when a tire blows out or the brakes suddenly stop working. In such scenarios, the legalities can get complicated as the party responsible for the part failure must be contacted and questioned properly. A qualified lawyer can help a person investigate and question all the parties involved after a truck accident.

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