Most trucks and vehicles which are designed to transport items across state lines are required to register with the International Registration Plan (IRP) in North Carolina. Vehicles are required to sign up with the IRP if they have three or more axles or if their total weight exceeds 26,000 pounds.

Apart from being registered with the IRP, commercial vehicles are also required to have an adequate amount of insurance. The insurance criterion in North Carolina is as follows:

  • A minimum of $750,000 in general liability insurance
  • 1 million dollars for carrying oil
  • 5 million dollars for carrying hazardous substances or explosives

It is vital that all truck owners and trucking companies ensure their vehicles have an adequate amount of insurance in order to prevent legal complications. The reason why trucks require such large sums of money to back them up is that the damage caused by a trucking accident can often be very dangerous and also be very expensive to fix. The property damage and medical bills which are accumulated due to massive trucking accidents will often require the total amount of insurance coverage per accident.

If trucks are carrying more dangerous loads such as explosives or hazardous wastes they will require more insurance because they are more likely to cause more damage in the case of an accident.

Who should I contact after I get into a trucking accident?

Anyone who finds themselves in a trucking accident should ensure they get in touch with a truck accident attorney in Mooresville, NC. An attorney can help a truck driver take some of the liability off of themselves so that they do not have to take on all of the liability.

If a truck driver believes the accident was the fault of someone else they can choose to litigate against the other party through the help of a legal professional. A lawyer will aid a person in collecting the required proof and legal documentation in order to help turn the court trial in favor of the driver. Getting into a truck accident can leave a person with many injuries and with a lot of emotional trauma to deal with. Having to deal with the paperwork and the legalities is the last thing any driver needs to concern themselves with when they are going through such a difficult period in their life.

It is always a good idea to hire a legal professional because, though a person can get the work done themselves, having a lawyer by one’s side increases the chances of the court actually listening to what they have to say and it decreases the chances of a person making a serious mistake and losing their chance of getting the compensation which they are rightfully entitled to.

The more serious the accident was, the more reasons a person has to reach out to an attorney in order to get professional assistance with their case.