Truck drivers who are driving their commercial vehicles within the state of Florida need to follow a specific set of rules and regulations which have been set forth by the Federal Motor and Carrier Safety Administration. These set of rules generally apply to:

  • Construction trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Garbage trucks
  • Water trucks
  • Fire trucks
  • Gas trucks

Almost all commercial trucks traveling in the state of Florida have to meet the following criteria:

  • Intrastate trucks must follow the safety regulations found in the Code of Federal Regulations. These safety precautions outline forbidden practices and precautionary measures truckers need to take.
  • Intrastate trucks must be registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT). Each truck requires a registered number with the DOT.
  • Intrastate trucks must be inspected by officers at any time to see if they are complying with the safety rules described in the Code of Federal Regulations.

It is vital that a truck driver and the trucking company who hired the driver follow the above rules before they start operating their business. If law enforcement personal discover that a trucking company has not followed the appropriate legal protocol while operating their trucks they can get penalized with hefty fines and may risk losing the ability to run their company.

What if I get into a truck accident in Florida?

The reason the FMCSA has put forth so many different rules and regulations are not to make anyone’s life more difficult, but simply, because they want to keep the roads as safe as possible.

If a truck driver did not follow the rules and they find themselves in a serious accident they will most probably need the help of a truck accident lawyer in Fort Myers, Florida. A truck accident lawyer will greatly benefit a trucker by being able to educate them on where they stand from a legal perspective and what options they have to use as defenses.

If the truck accident is not the drivers fault and it is the fault of the trucking company or the fault of the cargo loading company then it will be much easier for a truck driver to defend themselves in court and they may even be eligible to gain financial compensation for any losses they may have faced because of the crash. When a truck accident occurs, the driver is often suspected of negligence, however, if other parties were negligent as well then the overall fault of the driver can be reduced substantially.

It is always best to follow the law because, though it may seem very restricting, all laws have been placed in order to ensure the safety and proper well-being of the general public. If a person fails to follow the rules then they risk endangering themselves and also those around them. A legal representative can assist a person with the legalities if they ever do find themselves in such a situation where failing to obey the law lead them to an accident or similarly destructive situation.