Trucks are very dangerous vehicles due to their large sides and heavy loads. If a truck is involved in an accident, it can be far more dangerous—and deadly—than a collision involving only passenger vehicles. The resulting damage can be very serious, especially if the truck is carrying a large trailer. Because truck accidents mostly occur on freeways or highways with large vehicular presence, they often involve multiple vehicles and result in serious injury or death to innocent drivers.


One of the most common types of truck accident is what is referred to as a jackknife. Jackknifes, while not exclusive to trucks, can be especially dangerous if one is involved. A jackknife occurs if a trailer the truck is hauling slides out of position. If the trailer slides perpendicular to the truck itself, this could potentially result in a dangerous and deadly multiple-car pile-up. This can be caused by a potentially slippery road surface, often the result of weather.


Another of the most dangerous kinds of truck crashes is also among the most common—a truck rollover. A truck rollover occurs when a truck is forced onto its side. These can also be caused by weather and slippery surfaces. Other causes include drivers falling asleep at the wheel, a cause which is common among many truck accidents due to long driving hours.


Due to their large hauls, trucks often have blind spots that can be uncheckable at times. As a result, they often result in collisions when a trucker is trying to change lanes on a freeway. A passenger vehicle that is involved in this kind of accident might be forced off the road or into another lane, thereby resulting in potential serious injury or even death.


Among the deadliest of crashes exclusively involving trucks is what is referred to as an “under ride,” in which a smaller passenger vehicle becomes lodged beneath a truck’s trailer as a result of a sudden stop. This can pin the passenger vehicle’s driver between their own vehicle and the trailer and is often deadly.


Trucks can also be involved in other kinds of common motor vehicle accidents, such as a tire blowout or a rear-end collision. However, due to their sheer size alone, a truck can be far more dangerous if it is involved in this kind of accident. Caution is always advised when driving near a vehicle much larger than your own.